Tindora xuttings and roots.(donda) 2012

March 19, 2012

Tindora cuttings, roots 2012.

I dig them and keep them in my living room with adequate warm temp, sun light. and with out Excessive moisture throughout winter

Last year I sent to at least 20 plus people, free, shipping is theirs for priority mail medium size box. The plants and my efforts packing etc are free...

I do not have any in good numbers to share with others. Now.

I may have some in Jul/ august period.


I assume people who received them form last 5 years will come forward to share them with others.

But it is not happening.

It is some work for me, a thankless job and I am getting tired of it.

This is a free service with instructions etc only to those with whom I talked with.It is not an internet service or a business. And I do not belong to the IT generation. /and I hate to type.

You can not find time or too busy-"Have a good day- adios."

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  • sharmigarden

    I have been reading your updates Eswar.
    Thanks for being so patient. This is my second year gardening.
    My lil girl loves Tindora and a generous neighbor has donated three roots. I have safe guarded them through the winter and hv recently only moved the pots outside. Am waiting for 80+ temps to put them into the ground.
    Praying for a good tindora summers to come.

  • Bhavana

    That reminds of a story. There was a village in olden days. In that village there were 10 lepers that were thrown out of the village because of their disease. There was a saint that cam to that village. He was known for his kind miracles. seeing him all of the 10 lepers pleaded him to help them get healed. He took pity on them and healed them all. They were all very happy to see their glowing skins without any traces of disease. So they all ran into the village to let their relatives and families know about it. But while running one of them thought about that saint for a moment so he ran back in the opposite direction to find the saint. After he found him he fell at his feet and thanked him.

    I hope in your service and dedication there will be at least one person to be your follower in doing that service in turn. Waitng hurts some times, but it is worth it when you see the result. But I really appreciate your kind service. I was one of the person that was supposed to call you for a cutting, but I had an India trip and thought I can get one from there. Unfortunately, the cuttings I got from there did not survive. But that gave me a thought how much efforts that you put in Planting that many cuttings just to pass them on to some one just for free! Easwar garu that is really very nice of you.

  • mkp3015

    Hi Eswar and rest (who are willing to share),

    I live in Portland, Oregon (web says Zone 8). My Toddler and baby love Tidora and I'm looking if someone would like to share Tindora roots. Willing to pay shipping. My email arddress

    Also, has anyone grown Tidora in Oregon, washington? Any tips/advice will help.

  • sharmigarden

    Hello Portland patil,
    This is my first time with Tindora in my yard and will look forward to saving cuttings in the fall.
    I just shared my cutting with another Neighbor few days ago.
    (and the rabbit happily nibbled it).Surprisingly, Tindora roots were available in our local grocer this year...for 8.99.

    Happy Gardening.

  • mvazirani

    can I have some cuttings too?

  • greenthumbsj

    I eat a lot of tindora - at first, I thought it was a variety of parbal. I love tindora. So does my wife and my daughter who is 8 and soon we will introduce it to our 15 month old son. I would love to get a tindora cutting/roots and I will be sure to share it to anybody who sends me pre-stamped priority-mail boxes. I have done similar thing for other things I grow - guava/mango/holy basil etc mostly.

    If you can send me a cutting or a root, I will send you a pre-stamped priority mail box.

    thank you

  • vijaya_iyer_s

    Hi Eswar,

    How can I get few tindora cuttings.

    Thanks in advance.


  • aaaaaaaa

    Suman and Vijaya--where do you live? Which state?

  • sharmigarden

    saw few tindora plants on sale on the seeds of india FYI!!!

  • IO_2008

    Hi Eswar,

    Can I get some tindora cutting

  • swap77

    hi all,
    i live in sunnyvale ca, i am looking for tindora root, snake gourd and bottle gourd. i like to trade my ridge gourd , dosakai and indian spinach amaranth seeds.

  • waltmalt

    Swap77, I live in bay area too, I do not have the seeds that you are looking for, but I can trade some other seeds I have. I am looking for Amaranth seeds. Please let me know if you are interested.

  • Nimmu13

    Hi Everyone,
    I live in NY and looking for Tindora cuttings/roots. If anyone have it, please let me know.
    Thanks a lot- Nimmu

  • gar123

    I live in NJ. I've propagated a Tindora plant from a woody cutting/root. It's about 1 ft. long and has thickness of a pencil. Small leaves are emerging from two of the three nodes. I can trade it for a curry leaf plant locally. If someone is interested, please send me an email. Thanks.

    P.S. Local pick up only please.

  • browneyedsusan_gw

    I would like a tindora plant or root. I will be glad to send postage and agree to distribute them when I have enough to share. I live in Birmingham, AL and think they should do well here. I do not have any Asian vegetables but you are welcome to look at my trade list and see if there is anything you would like to have.
    My email is

  • Pachhu


    Can I also get some tindora roots. I live in PNW very close to Canada border.

    I will definitely send something in return.


  • Pachhu


    Can I also get some tindora roots. I live in PNW very close to Canada border.

    I will definitely send something in return.


  • shubhee20

    Hello all , I live in Los Angeles , Would love to get a tendli / Tendora plant. I can trade it for a curry leaves plant

  • Jey Chidam

    hi, I am interested in buying tindora cuttings/bare roots. Please let me know if you have any. Thanks!

  • ssy47

    Hi, I live in San Ramon, CA bay area. Very interested in buying tindora bare roots/cuttings. Bought them from Bella Gardens for 3 years in a row. The cuttings were very thin and did not survive despite the cost I incurred. Can you please let me know who/where/how I can buy them? Thanks.

  • Souji Ac

    Do any one have Tindora Cuttings. I live in Sacramento, CA.


  • skvk1

    hi, am in bay area, CA. Just starting out a garden this year in our new home and would appreciate if anyone can spare a tindora cutting for me. Thank you!

  • dborad

    Hello, I am in NJ brunswick area, I need Tinodra cuttings or roots. If any one has it please let me know. I will buy. thanks...

  • bhvsraju

    Hello I live in Bay area , California just started Tindora plant from seed planted in ground it is 2 months old not sure if it will survive in the winter here . Any one in Bay area growing Tindora any luck ?

  • Gangadhar Gutta


    I am looking for Tindora Plant(Root) near , PA, DE, NJ, MD, VA. Can someone help with?

  • Pyewacket

    For those looking for tindora (ivy gourd) - try mouse melon. Seeds are easily available and it is very similar to tindora in size, shape, coloring, and texture.

  • laxmi365


    I am looking for Tindora roots as well. I can pay for shipping. does anyone have the Tindora roots and willing to lend me some?

  • Sudha Y

    seeds of india stopped shipping plants to California.

  • patty_espinoza26

    I realize this is an old posting but I am hoping that someone here will be willing to share some Tindora cuttings with me. I am in central Texas. I am willing to purchase, send postage, or trade. I have lots of things to trade. Curry leaf trees, tamarind tree, dragon fruit cuttings, passion vine, and lots more.

    If anyone can point me in the direction to purchase cuttings, I would be grateful for the information.

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