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Anyone had a 'certified male' Ginkgo produce fruit?

13 years ago

Anyone had a "certified male" Ginkgo produce fruit?

I used to specify Ginkgo a lot. It seems that it is billed as the next saving grace for urban streetscapes and difficult sites. But after watching them grow, I am less impressed. Sure, I see the occasional large and grand Ginkgo in a yard or park, but most of them used in streetscape scenarios often disappoint. They are slow to grow and often spindly. If they get ANY mower/weedwacker damage then that will slow them down even more.

The biggest disappointment is seeing 20% or so of the "certified male" trees begin producing fruit after 6 or so years. No one wants to smell that vomit odor when window shopping on that main street retail sidewalk. Then the shop owner is pushing the City or landlord to remove the tree. All this has pushed me to stop using this tree most of the time.

I read an article that a Virginia study showed that male Ginkgos can morph into females. That is completely false. What happens is the grafted clone dies on the seeding rootstock and the rootstock sends up a shoot. If the tree farm is not carefully watching this, then nobody knows the "certified male" is no longer alive and they are selling plain ol Ginkgo. It happens a lot! I was in a farm field with a reputable grower and he showed me a ton of his trees that were not true cultivars because of this. He has tagged the male clones but will still sell the seedling sprouted trees as non clones at a lower price. Most growers are not so careful.

Then you have to worry about whether or not the tree retailer or installer is being honest. Many will tell you that they are selling/planting a "certified male" (like Princeton Sentry), but you wonÂt know for several years and they will be long gone. The non-cultivar Ginkgo is cheaper to buy than the male clone, so some will buy the cheaper plant and sell it to you at the higher priceÂ..thinking you will never know the differenceÂat least not for a long time.

I was curious if you have had similar problems? Or seen female Ginkgos on streets in your town?

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