Please help with my curry leaf plant

10 years ago

Hi Group,

I bought 2 ft curry leaf plant online a month a ago. I transplanted into a bigger container once it established. I was happy with the purchase. It started to have new leafs. After couple of weeks, surprisingly it started budding flowering. It has been in that state for a while. All of a sudden it started to shed the leafves. It almost lost around 20 shoots and now the plant has only around 10 shoots.

Initially I placed near the east window and now moved to the west side window. I am talking to it, taking care, watering only when the surface is dry. What ever, I am doing isn't working. I have been reading various posts to get insights either.

Please if someone has any solution to it,pass it on. I am desperate and I want to see my plant lively and happy again.



Here is a link that might be useful: my curry leaf plant pictures

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