Tindora or Ivy Gourd ( coccinnea grandis) Pcture-2006

14 years ago

This is the close up picture of Tindora (common name in India) or Coccinnea grandis.It is also known as Ivy Gourd.


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  • lolly_gardener
    14 years ago

    They look so lovely....How did you start the plant? From seed or root? I would like to plant it next year. I would appreciate if you san tell me the source to get the plant seed from. Also I live in SF Bay area (don't know my zone number). It rains a lot in winter. I am wondering if I can grow it here.

  • trygardening
    14 years ago

    I am very much interested in growing it, pls let me know where you buy the indian veggi seeds, I would love to start it soon. Thanks a bunch

  • barbara_mel
    14 years ago

    Hello chaman
    I am always looking for new vegies. You have introduced me to a few new varieties. Of course I have looked up this fruit on the web and it sounds interesting. Can you tell me a bit more about it? Very nice pic as usual. It reminds me of a small watermelon.

  • chaman
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Hello Barbara
    Tindora or Ivy Gourd are tha common names of this vegetable.It belongs to Cucurbitaceae family and it's botanical name is Coccinnia grandis.It grows as a vine in Tropics.
    Plant has either Male or Female flowers.Female flowers produce edible fruits without the presence of Male flowers.
    Propagation thru tuberous roots is easier to propagate.It grows easily in average well drained soil.Dig the soil about six inches deep, place the tuberous root in it and fill the soil around it.Then make the hill to burry the root completely.Make hill so that it has two to three feet diameter at the bottom. Provide sopport with stakes as vine grows.Fertilize two to three times using 10-10-10 frtilizer.It can be planted in a large pot also.It is good to plant in the pots to bring the plant indoor before frost.It has to be dug out from the hill to bring indoor before the frost, otherwise it will kill the roots.Remove vine part before taking it indoor.
    Fruits are Inch and Inch and a half long and resembles to water melon.
    Fruits are cut horizontally in form of round slices or vertically in four stripes before cooking.Cut pcs. are sauted, spiced and cooked for consumption.There are some curry recipes for the vegetable.Just Google for it and you will get some.

  • seedssun
    10 years ago


    Please send me tindora seeds.

    I can send you dostaki seeds.

    email me please :


  • shaili
    9 years ago

    Hi ,

    I am looking for Coccinia grandis and curry leaf plant.

    are they available with anyone.
    I would be happy to defer costs.


  • tracydr
    9 years ago

    What do they taste like?

  • koraputbalaji_gmail_com
    9 years ago

    excellent information .thanks

  • chinnu
    9 years ago

    if anyone has tindora plants,would be happy to defer costs and can also offer a lot of seeds for exchange with this plant.

    Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

  • aaaaaaaa
    9 years ago

    Chinnu---where do you live? Your email? What seeds do you have to trade?


  • growgrove
    9 years ago

    Hi guys ..
    Will someone share some roots with me ? Will pay for shipping. I have lot of common seeds (flowers & vegetables) and some Asian vegetable seeds that I can trade. I bought a plant last year, but it did not last the winter in the garage (this year, I will bring it inside).

  • sjcozy
    8 years ago

    I have some of this Ivy Gourd growning at my home, I did not know what it was until I found this web site. I seen were someone posted that the fruit that grows on it can be eaten????. My question is how do you get seed? Do you use the green fruit or do you wait until the fruit turns orangie-red?

  • chaman
    Original Author
    8 years ago

    You will be better off rooting some cuttings from your plants.

  • prashanthi
    8 years ago

    My tindora plant has grown big but no flowers or fruits.
    Please can you give me some suggestion.

  • Rahiman
    8 years ago

    I live in Canada. Winter can be severe. Can I get fruits if I grow in a green house? How long does it take to start fruiting if I grow from seeds?
    Can someone kindly provide info? Thank you.

  • leongzzzilla
    8 years ago

    Hi there, surfing online and come across this website and found the plant is called ivy groud. If anyone is interest to get some of the tuberous root of this plant please do let me know. I can post it over. For seed, i am not sure i can get some on it as the plant i come across may not fruiting at the moment.
    ivy groud is kinda like a wild grow vegetation in here. I from SG.

    email me: leongzzzilla007 at gmail dot com

  • xman
    8 years ago

    Hi chaman and others,

    I have a tindora vine that did very well in TX this year. I have to move this into the garage as we get below the freezing point here. So a couple of weeks ago, as chaman had mentioned, I dug up the roots, removed all the vines (retained about a foot of the thick vine braches) and planted this in a container in well drained soil and moved it into my garage.
    The container is placed under grow lights. But it has been over 2 weeks now, but the branches have not started budding out. Some of the thinner branches have started to dry out....what is going on here.
    I thought that the root would start leafing out, or does it just go dormant and will not grow any leaves? What am I doing wrong?


  • chaman
    Original Author
    8 years ago

    It will grow shoots in few days if the roots are at least 2 to 3 inches thick and they should be by the end of TX summer.Try not to over water. Keep the soil barely wet.Scratch the top of the root slightly. You will find it well and live.
    I have kept my roots the same way in Sun room with no heater on so far and they are growing some shoots.
    Good luck.

  • swap77
    8 years ago

    I live In Cupertino California and i am looking for tindora root and snake gourd seeds, I will exchange it for dosakai, ridge gourd and eggplant seeds.

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  • yashi
    7 years ago

    any one has the long variety of tindora. can exchange for hibrid valor papadi, desi elephant ears purple variety (arbi or tatra) turai,eggplant seeds

  • Jey Chidam
    5 years ago

    hi everyone, if someone has tindora roots to exchange for snake gourd plant/eggplant/okra/bitter melon that would be great. I live in Dallas, TX. My attempts to grow tindora from seeds failed. thanks!

  • patelsangitamd
    4 years ago

    Hi Chaman,

    Thanks for the excellent post. I have been trying to get this plant for the past couple years but no luck. I live in Wisconsin, and growing Tindola from seeds is not going to work, as the summers are very short here. Would you be able to share or sell a root or stem, I would greatly appreciate. Sorry I don't have any exotic seeds to share other than lots of bottle gourd (doodi) and ridge gourd (turai) and I will be happy to send. I will be able to bring the pot into the sunroom in winter.

  • archesca
    4 years ago

    @swap77 - do you have spare eggplant seeds to share?

  • Radha Santhapuri
    4 years ago

    Hi I have Tindora plants for sale for $15 + shipping handling.

  • Radha Santhapuri
    4 years ago

    Hi, @swap77 send me your email address.

  • jshriganesh
    4 years ago

    Hi I have one young Tindora plant. More will be available soon. See Photo Below

    Contact me if you want it

  • Luna Dsouza
    2 years ago

    Hi does anyone have plants available? I live in San Jose CA but unable to find this anywhere

  • earthyrain
    last year

    Hello anyone has tindora root or cuttings available? Been looking for this plant from a long time.

  • Murty Susarla
    8 months ago

    Hi, I am looking for a Tindora Plant. Any one have Tindora plant?

    Any one have Tindora Stem or Seeds ?? Please send email to


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