MURRAYA koenigii curry leaf plant seeds sowed

8 years ago

Just wanted to update all. I received 100 seeds from for MURRAYA koenigii, it turned out that seeds were shipped from India and were very aromatic. Seeds arrived dry and thats the way they ship from India is what I was told. In order to test it out, I sowed 50 seeds directly into the ground in moist area and sowed remaining 50 seeds after I soaked the seeds in water for 24-hours in a different but similar conditions area.

I will let you know how the germination goes. Anybody tried I was told that seeds are fresh from recent crop and should be planted right away.

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  • teddyrockspin

    Awesome! I ordered some seeds from seedrack through amazon. I figure if they dont deliver or grow I have amazon as the middle man. I haven't received them yet but I would be very curious to know about your germination rates. I was reading in an earlier post that the seed has a covering kinda like a peanut skin. If you try and peel it off it should be green inside. Simple way to check viability. Let me know what works! Good luck on the seeds and keep them warm!

  • behlgarden


    I was very excited just as you initially. delivery took 5-weeks and all seeds were rotten, I went ahead and planted them anyway and got no results. In the mean time Seedrack sent another batch of seeds but they were all rotten too. I emailed seedrack and they were kind enough to refund the $$ to me. Seedrack is a good company and good customer service and respond with 24-hours. its just that seeds come from India (for curry leaf) and they mostly rott in transit that takes 2-3 weeks to get to USA. Let me know when you get yours and if they germinate.

  • teddyrockspin

    Well my order never came so I contacted them and they gave me the option of either sending them out again or getting a refund. I took the refund. He said there was a problem with the batch of seeds they mailed... Regardless have you seen any sprouts?

  • aaaaaaaa

    behlgarden and teddyrockspin--where do you both live? Meaning which state/city/zone?


  • behlgarden

    Hi Anna, I live in Riverside County Southern California. Teddyrockspin, no, I got ZERO sprouts, the guy seems honest in returning our money and acknowleding that batch was bad.

  • aaaaaaaa

    behlgarden--is is difficult to get curry leaf plant in south california? I always though because of heat there, one can get almost all tropical plants.

    Correct me if I am wrong. I live in North NJ.


  • behlgarden

    Hi Anna, curry leaf plant grows very well in southern california. my plant that I purchased (15 gal) for $50 has turned lush green now after I planted into the ground 6 weeks ago.

  • aaaaaaaa

    Great! Not sure than why you are looking for seeds?

    Just wanted to let you know--I do have quite a few fresh seeds to spare/trade.


  • behlgarden

    Hi Anna, the reason for seeking more seeds is that I am ye to see if the plant survives frost in coming winter and want to have on the side couple seedlings so I have backup just in case the plant dies. Would you mind sharing the fresh seeds? I can sawp other seeds such as pepper, eggplant, tomatoes, etc. Please let me know, private email thanks

  • purnima

    Hi Anna,

    I would like to plant murraya. I dont have any seeds to swap but if possible can you mail me some spare ones. My email add. is npurni at


  • aaaaaaaa

    Sorry guys, yesterday rain and wind knocked off my plant and all seeds were scattered all over the ground. They were not yet ready to pick.

    bhelgarden--I will not be able to mail you seeds either.


  • teddyrockspin

    Hey Anna and Behl,

    I live in the california bay area. I'm not sure which zone that is.

    I was thinking about reordering from that guy even though his seeds may be bad but he has some cool seeds that I want to give a try. Worse case scenario ill get a refund.

    I'm a noob at gardening but im willing to give it a whirl!

    Let me know if you guys learn or know anywhere else to get the seeds or similar plants that actually grow or a good source for seeds.

    Thanks again

  • teddyrockspin

    Hi Anna and Behl,

    Could you tell me a bit on how you keep your plant growing? I'm planning on growing them from seeds. It seems like you both have had some good success in growing these plants. Is it better to keep the plants in a pot... or grow it as an indoor plant or right into the soil? Do you guys use fertilizers and if so what kind (like there is some kinda numbering system i think its nitrogen phosphorus and something else lol). Do you think it would be alright mixing in miracle grow powder in the potting soil then planting the seeds? lol I honestly have no clue what im going to do so any advice is greatly appreciated.

  • behlgarden

    teddyrockspin, Curry leaf is a very slow growing plant and small plants dont survive winter outside. I would recommend getting a mature plant for cheap and not wait years to enjoy it. On seeds I would definitely sow few to get more plants. Plantogram has this plant in Florida in 3GAL and plants I believe are about 4'-5' tall, good 3 plus year old. take a look

    Also, if you didnt already seed it, it may be too late by Oct as if you get a sprout cold temperatues will kill it.

    On fertilizer, My plant was 4' tall but not as green when I planted it from pot to garden, watched it for couple months with not much progess. then I went with 16-12-10 NPK citrus fertilizer and boom, saw a growth spurt and leaves are now lush green.

  • bitepourrie

    wish everybody the best with the curry leaf seeds, here we know you cannot dry the seeds and viability is only about 2 weeks(central luzon philippines , owner of small family producing curry leaf netreprise)in season we sell fresh seeds and we have seedlings we sent bareroot worlwide

  • NidhiPrasad

    I read from the forum you should peel the fruit out and plant the seed.I planted seeds (2 seeds out of 8 were in sowing condition rest were rotten.) and after 8th day ..... still nothing grows out of it :( I am so sad :( :( I have been looking for this plant from so so long . I had gotten the seeds from my mother in law who lives in Florida. I am in Pittsburgh. People if someone has a plant to spare , please help me .

  • nadia1137711

    Hi Anna,

    Do you have some seeds? I m willing to swap some vegetable seeds of u like for example : Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa)

    My email address is

    Thank you

  • Raj Lexus

    How is your curry leaf plant doing?

  • Pyewacket

    I got seed from an acquaintance in Hawaii. Contact growers in Hawaii and Florida - possibly some in CA as well - to see if they will ship you seed. There are restrictions on where/how seed can be shipped because of citrus disease - if you are in a citrus growing state, look for seed locally as M. koenigii is a citrus and is likely grown in any state where other citrus are grown.

    My seed arrived already cleaned of the fruit pulp, and in moist peat moss to keep it from drying out. Dried out seed is unlikely to grow, it is very fragile and short-lived.

    I planted my seed in 2" starter paks (2" diameter, not depth). These need to be kept warm and moist, but not wet. Use a seed mat if possible set at 81 to 82F - they like 80F but most seed mats come with controllers that shut off within 3 F of the target temp - so my seed mat was turning off at 77F. I never saw it shut off too late, but it often shut off too early. If you have a herp controller, those are MUCH more accurate and you can just set it at 80F.

    ALL of my seed eventually germinated. Germination was faster while bottom heat was applied. You should probably remove the plant from the bottom heat soon after it sprouts - so use smaller paks, like 4 cells, or even individual pots. I ended up cutting my starter paks up because they were full-flat paks, with something over 30 cells.

    Beyond that, I can't say how to best care for your seedlings. I'm still learning. I tried putting them in a gritty mix and a modified gritty mix - the modified gritty mix took longer to fail than the gritty, but it did eventually fail, despite all sorts of contortions (and with the help of a local soil scientist) trying to correct for pH and trying to find a way to water the gritty that didn't leave dry streaks through the medium. The only plants that did really well were those planted in the usual peat blends.

    Between the watering problems (I had to float my gritty pots to get them thoroughly watered, and they dried out FAR too fast in my arid environment) and pH induced fertility problems - foliar feeding with Foliage Pro did NOT counteract these issues - gritty and gritty-ish were both ultimately unsuitable for these plants. They were particularly troubled by iron deficiency problems, despite regular application (for half the plants) of iron. This made very little difference because it just runs out of the gritty mix. Foliar feeding of iron solution also did not make a noticeable difference.

    So I suggest sticking to a good bagged potting mix, or a good peat blend once your seedlings have sprouted. A palm blend and a palm or citrus fertilizer is probably best. Watch for iron deficiency - M. koenigii is a heavier than usual user of iron.

  • ramya(Central NJ)

    I am interested in growing M.Koenigii and can swap with organic amaranth seeds.

    Anyone has spare seeds that you might be willing to share?

  • lisa84rose

    I have 3 curry leaf plants and they always get seeds in November. If you are still interested in growing Curry leaf plant email me your details at and I will let you know when the seeds are ready. I would really love to have some Amaranth seeds.

  • aluvaboy


    I have lots of Amaranth that have seeded. I believe it is the purple spinach (Cheera in my native language) that you are referring to. I will send you some. I don't need the curry leaf seeds. I have plenty of potted curry leaf plants that are thriving. I have send you an email to get your address.

  • PRO
    Stone Lantern Landscapes, LLC

    I have some curry leaf seeds available for trade. I have a 100% germination rate so far (127 out of 127). I dried one for 18 days in the fruit and the seed seemed green and healthy when I peeled and planted it today. I will know if it was viable should it poke out of the soil in about two weeks. If so, I will pick, dry slightly and mail them. Name yer trade!!!

  • katmann1

    Hi I know this is an old post. Does anyone have any fresh curry tree seeds?

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