Murraya Koenigii (Curry leaf plant) - Need Help!

August 29, 2011

Hi All,

My curry leaf plant which is around 38 inches tall looks like it got infected. This plant has 3 branches. it is in a pot which might be around 30 gal. I recently (around 2 months back) moved in to a new house and left the pot in a location where one branch was getting fullsun and the other were getting less. Recently after i came back from my vacation(11/2 months), I noticed that the branch that got full sunlight almost doubled in size. So i moved the pot to a location where it gets full sunlight.

A few days back, beore moving the pot, i noticed some yellow leaves with few black spot on them. I checked for some trace of insects(like spider mites). I didn't see any. Then i moved the pot to the current location. After few days of moving, i noticed lot of small ants over the plant and the pot. I immediately sprayed the plant with plain water.. After few days, now i notice that few leaves have turned brown(which is also little crisp and showing veins). It also appears that the edges of the leaf is a bit curled towards the back. I am not sure whether it is sun damage. When i washed the plant, it was around 5 pm and sun was there for an hour or more after that.. It will be great if somebody can help me out. I don't want to lose my plant. I feed my plants with organic fertilizer and fish emulsion once a while(now around 2 months).

I've attached some pics. for your reference

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