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Definition of Fast Growing?

17 years ago

I've read several post and shopped around the sites selling bamboo. None really give a time table of growth. Most of the information just reads fast growing or fast spreading.

I am in S. Tex. and am wanting a fast growing bamboo to plant on my property line. I would love to have a living fence within a couple of years.

I really love all the different types of bamboo and did not know there were so many. What a treat and a new hobby is born!!

Any information on growth rate would be appreciated. Does bamboo grow (height & width) a foot, or 6 feet a year? I know there are lots of variables, but a ballpark figure would be most helpful.

I've read several post that mention how easy bamboo is to grow so I have one more question. If bamboo is so easy to grow, why is it so expensive?


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