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Question for Arizona rose growers

17 years ago

I was at my moms one weekend and was reading there garden section in the paper. There was an article on Growing roses in the desert heat and the Horticulture guy that writes the article said not to deadhead your roses in the heat of the summers, so that the roses will not put out more blooms. Keeping on the spent blooms slow's down the growth of the rose. Have you ever heard this and what do you think of this practice. I have not done any deadheading and I am following this, and my roses look horrible. I am thinking about deadheading them, but I don't want them growng and putting out blooms in this heat, because they just burn. Today it is 118F here in Lake Havasu. It is supposed to be record breaking heat on the 27th. So tell me what do you think of this practice, and have you ever heard of this??? I thought I heard the Garden Guy on Channel 3 say something to this effect. Your input is greatly appreciated

Thanks Carrie

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