Bee's and honey combs...sad story :(

15 years ago

We've been trying to get rid of our bees for 4 years...there isn't any beekeepers around here we've BEGGED to find someone to take these guys...we'll we sorta left them alone because they were't reallly hurting anything, pretty peaceful and as long as they weren't the Africanized ones, we also know how it's getting harder to find a good bee!

Well, they hived in our fence...(old fence, apparently is hollow, two sided...they were trying to get into the air-conditioner and the furnace room...we've screened over every opening we could find...they tried to get into the block walls around the yard, we've sealed them as well, yet they refuse to move on down the road..there has been so much construction here that there isn't any place for them I suppose....we've tried and tried to get rid of them without killing them off but tonight, we had to :( they came after the dog....so, now the fence is destroyed, so we'll have to have a new fence...could be worse I guess, they could have gotten in the house...I'm sad because I"ve always liked honey bees, but can't live with them...so, ripping the fence apart netted us a huge honey comb....

Can we eat the honey comb at least....will make it seem a wee bit of a payoff for the fence, although we'll feel guilty killing the bees :(

I dont' know if you guys do something to the honey before it's ok to eat or not. I wish I could figure out what it was that they were so attracted to here I'd get it out of the yard so they wouldn't be here...

IF some escape, will they move on or will they keep trying to rebuild here?

Thank you.

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