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suggestions for a medium sized shrub that likes soggy feet?

May 27, 2004

hi! not quite sure if i am posting this to the right forum...but here goes.....we have an area next to our front porch that i want to put a medium sized shrub in. i had ideas of what i wanted for that area, and had my husband dig the hole..the hole has been dug now for about 4 weeks ( i couldnt make up my mind on what plant to put there!) and i've noticed that this hole never drains completely. i have tried adding organic matter, enlarging the hole, and still its a mud puddle until the next rain when it becomes a pond again. i cannot modify the hole too much more as it is boxed in on 2 sides by porch and house and the other two sides by existing landscaping. if anyone has suggestions as to what i can put in there, please let me know. the area gets full sun until approximately 1pm, then its in shade as the sun moves over the house. i need something that will get maybe 3 feet wide by 5 foot high, and have some visual impact and in a perfect world...maybe some winter interest. also, the soil around the improved hole is clay, which i believe is leading to my drainage problem, but i cant redig entire bed. thanks in advance! jeana

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  • strikegoldman

    How about a button bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis). This shrub is about five to ten feet in height, with distinctive spherical flower heads. Buttonbush blooms in June and July, followed by dark-colored fruits that persist through the winter. It normally lives in swamps and marshes, so wet feet don't pose a problem for it.

  • fredsbog

    vote #2 for Button Bush!

    You could also plant a weeping japanese larch (Larix kaempheri 'pendula'). A nice conifer with super soft needles that turn golden in fall before they fall off. Train it to the height you wish and it weeps down from there.

  • yjtj

    a dappled willow would also be a good pick

  • Steve Edwards

    We could consider a foxglove (named after botanist Leonhart Fuchs) a mainstay of the classical english garden.

  • erasmus_gw

    There's also a rose that can take wet feet, rosa Palustris , or Swamp Rose. It is healthy, graceful, and few if any thorns. Leaves are slightly elongated like bamboo.

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