Have you got a gruberi ?

12 years ago

I was fascinated by Vriesea ospinae gruberi the first time I saw a picture of one, and I managed to get my first one a bit over a year ago. Since then I've decided to try to get hold of each different one I can put my hands on!

I love the overall effect these plants have - I love their detailed patterning, I love the way different clones give so many different variations on the same theme and I love the way they change through the year.

Just five in the collection so far, but increasing steadily. A few pics of mine below - it would be great to see pictures from everyone else!

The collection so far


Tiger Tim today


Tiger Tim 2 months ago


Yellow one today


Yellow one 2 months ago


Purple one today


Purple one 2 months ago


New one - wonder what colours it will go?


Tiger? occasionally sold as Tiger Tim but seems to be a bit different in the flesh - stiffer, more upright leaves and more white, extending right out along leaves. Had to go halves with a mate to get this on eBay. It lives over at his place - I'm waiting desperately for a pup!


Looking forward to seeing your pics! Cheers, Paul

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