NBF pest, have lost lots of bulbs :-(( !

11 years ago

I had hoped so much it was over!

First i lost Promise, Lemon Lime, Naranja and Aphrodite, and thought the others were fine. Novella was attacked too, but i managed to pull the larva out of her hole in the bulb. I have good hope she will recover. The larva was not so far yet into the bulb, so i think it will work out. I discovered the larvae on Promise, Lemon Lime, Naranja and Aphrodite when checking the bulbs to bring them in. At that time, i didn't know for sure it was NBF, but i was already suspicious. I thought they were dormant, since they lost their leaves. When i tooked out to check them out.... oh my God.... it was awful. But only the beginning :-(

After reeding your comments on the thread PROTECTING FROM NBF and checking out the website kindly mentioned by forum user e36yellowm3 i have no doubts anymore. This was all the work of the big narcissus fly. What i found into the damaged bulbs looked exactly as on the pictures. The reason i did not realize at first, was that the info i had found did not provide such good, explicit pictures.

So i checked all my bulbs and brought them in. Within three weeks, Red Lion had lost all of its 9 leaves (this is one of the signs, fast leave loss) so i thought it would go dormant. They are in a unheated room, so it made sense to me. Well, i got suspicious anyway and i use to touch my bulbs from time to time. You know they kind of feel firm to the touch when everything is OK. Well, i felt a soft spot.

To make the long story short, this huge Red Lion bulb is gone. Inside i found an even bigger larva than in the previous bulbs , but definitely the same kind (it was further in the season, so the larvae were getting bigger!). This one looked fatter and didn't move but it was alive, of course. I went through to my other bulbs. Well, my Blossom Peacock, four years old and with offsets almost reaching adult size is also gone. It managed to bloom just before dying. It bloomed with just two flowers this time, but i thought this was due to its earlier flowering in spring. Oh, my God, such a good bulb. It was very big and used to faithfully bloom twice a year! Gone also.... Inside the mother bulb, exact the same fat larva..... The hole in the basal plate too. The larvae make the hole from above in the basal plate and they eat their way into the bulb, preferably upwards. You can read this on and on in an article, but you won't beleive it till you see it for yourself (i hope you never will!) How a single larva can "take care" of such a big bulb....

My oldest Apple Blossom was gone too.... So far i've lost more than half of my bulbs. I'm devastated.... I've never had problems with NBF. My mind is working frantically trying to find solutions. I'll have to try with netting, eventhough it will not always work, But it should be better than nothing. Of course, one shoud have to check daily that there are no openings.

I'm desperated, has somebody tryied something that works to keep your hippies save from this disgrace.

I mean, look at these pictures!

Blossom peacock BEFORE


href="¤t=DSCF2453.jpg"; target="_blank">{{gwi:430724}}

And this is AFTER:





Every single bulb of the Blossom Peacok cluster was attacked, except for one, which i have potted up. Red Lion had also a healthy offset. Is potted up as well.

Believe me, this is your worst nightmare......

I hope you guys neve have to get through this.... it's incredible.... most of my bulbs just gone in one season....

I'll really apreciate any advice, ideas, etc. on protecting bulbs from this nightmare....

What i've learned based on my disastrous experience so far: If your bulbs loose their leaves rather fast, but look healthy... get them out of the pot at once and take a very good look at them ESPECIALLY just above the basal plate (where the bulb curls into the basal plate) If you do not remove the dryed layers, you'll probably don't see it at all (it happened to me) So remove the dry layers.

I hope someone can help me with advice. This is terrible!

Thanks in advance.


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