Lighting for Amaryllis indoors

15 years ago

Hello everyone:

I'd like to get feedback on different lighting systems for use indoors for growing Amaryllis. What have people used before that works? I live in an apartment that faces North East and as a result I don't get enough sun for my babies. I'm currently using a 250W Halogen light situated above my plants (far enough away so as to not burn them) however that does not seem to be enough as the leaves appear to be somewhat thinner etc. From researching about foot candles etc online, it appears that Halogen lighting is not quite as efficient as lets say High Pressure Sodium lights or Metal Halide. I'm considering buying a 400W unit but I think it's going to have to be High Pressure Sodium as that throws off more light in the red end of the spectrum needed for flowering etc. Since I don't pay power here, the power bill is not a big deal however I'm concerned about the heat buildup. The apartment has cement ceilings so there is no risk of burning anything there. I can situate a fan so it blows air onto the fixture to keep the fixture cool.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. I think that the 400W fixture will do the trick for high enough light for my babies. Can you tell I'm slightly addicted :-).



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