Problem with raising cats in paper bags

13 years ago

I'm a couple of days into my experiment with raising caterpillars in paper bags. I have Monarchs and Pipevines that I am raising. I have limited the number in the bags to 3.

The problems that I'm seeing are:

1. The BFs do need light. They weren't eating. So I moved the bags into a window so the light could penetrate the paper. I also don't feel good about leaving them out in the heat in the bags so I have them inside.

2. Food dries out quickly, so you have to continually add it. So far it has seemed wasteful as the food has dried out before the BFs were able to eat it. I guess I need to put in less.

3. I can't see what's going on. I'm a visual person and seeing the cats eating is reassuring.

4. I didn't try BSTs because of their purging. I like having newspapers or paper towels in the bottom of my containers so I can change them out. I guess I could put paper towels in the bottom of the sacks.

Pluses are that it seems to be a cleaner method than plastic containers, and the cats have a good surface for climbing and it solves pupating issues.

I'll let you know more as the experiment progresses.


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