Is shoe removal a Canadian culture thing?

May 23, 2006

I was in the bathroom forums (on the decorating side) and there's the old shoes on/shoes off discussion happening again (it all started over asking guests to squeegy their showers). I know that there's alot of contention on this subject but getting involved in the discussion got me to thinking....

I'm Canadian and I've NEVER visited a home where it wasn't just a natural occurence to remove our shoes in the entryway. From the time I was a child to now (mid 40's) it's been something that's always been a given when entering someone's home.

I was raised in Southern Ontario, spent summers in Quebec, lived 8 years in BC and have been living here in Calgary for 8 year now. I've had a taste of the customs fom one end of Canada to the other and the custom has always been the same... people remove their shoes at the door.

It's funny since I am having a whole house remodel this year (next year we tackle the outside) and all the trades that have come into my home have tried to take off their shoes. Last weekend my granite was going in, my house is down to bare plywood floors and I noticed that he was just about to remove his shoes! I have to make sure to catch and tell them to keep their shoes on. After all who in their right mind would go walking in stocking feet in a construction zone LOL!

So, is this just a natural part of being Canadian? Is this another difference we have from being Americans or English?

Your observations and opinions would be great.

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