New England gardeners who grow camellias?

7 years ago

Are there any New England gardeners who are growing any of the many hardy camellias? I have several of the "April" series that are just gorgeous, and one fall blooming called "Snow Flurry" that is loaded with flowers every autumn. There are many hybrids that can thrive in zone 6 and 7 areas of New England, but I don't see any posts about camellias. My "April Blush" is 12+ years old and almost 6 feet high and has easily over 100 blooms each spring. "April Kiss" and "April Dawn" are 5+ years old and about 4 feet high, and now produce about 30-40 blooms each spring. The "Snow Flurry" is about 14 years old, and as it tends to spread rather than grow upright, it's about 4.5 feet tall but maybe 8 feet wide, and has 300+ flowers in autumn. I think camellias should be used more in the warmer areas of New England, but I think most gardeners in my area don't even know that they can be grown here. And that means that people don't ask for them at nurseries, and in turn, the nurseries don't bother to stock them because they never had anyone ask for them, and so the circle continues. Too bad, because they are really beautiful plants, and being evergreen is a nice feature in a place where most trees and shrubs become stark twigs in winter.


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