Would you eat produce in your garden you knew critters touched

11 years ago


I have grown a small veggie garden. All along I knew squirrels are a huge problem around here but this morning I saw a mouse taking away a ripe tomoto.

I inspect the produce to make sure that they have no bite marks etc. before using it, but since I have a small kid, I am really concerned now about the safety in eating this produce!

I'm sure most of you see this issue. Do you eat fruit/veggies with bite marks or do you discard it? In general are there any rules of thumb re. what to eat and what not to, and how to select produce to eat?

(A part of me says I am over reacting. Basically I have no way of seeing what goes on on the farms until the food comes to super market or worse, gets canned and puried; but I just need to hear some fellow experiences here).

Thanks in advance!

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