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Aloe Nobilis (Gold Tooth Aloe)

July 10, 2009

Hi, I just bought an Aloe Nobilis (Gold Tooth Aloe). the mother plant is about 4" to 5" tall and the largest clump pup is about 3" or 4" and i just wanted to know if I could cut it or not.

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  • paracelsus

    Sure, but why? The clump below was growing in a wine-barrel planter at my front door for many years. I moved the whole thing into the ground last summer. It seems happy enough.

    If you want to propagate the plant, cut pups free (no stem is necessary) and put the rosette down in bright shade to let the cut callous for a few days. Then place the pup on top of dry soil in a small container. Wait for roots before watering. That may be 2 weeks to 2 months. Don't get anxious. I start giving small amounts of water after a couple of weeks, but don't drench until you're certain the plant is well rooted.


  • pirate_girl

    Hi Para,

    Nice shot, just lovely.

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    Yes, Brad, that is a succulent smorgasbord in a small space - I like it. Even the common aloes are delightful, aren't they?

  • aloefreak1

    Wow, I really like your jade plants. What kind are they? And what are those grey little stone looking plants in back of the aloes? What is the temperature ranges for those plants? I love aloe flowers and would love for my plants to bloom like that but unfortunately, I live in AK and its not very hot over here. (the hottest it gets in summer is 80F and thats only about three times) and the winters are about five to seven months long.

  • Denise

    AF... No Jades in that photo. Are they Crassulas or Sedums, Para? I forget which... The "stone-looking" plants are (I think) Pachyphytum oviferum. Easy to grow, but you need plenty of sun (as with most in the Crassulaceae family) to keep them compact. You may be able to grow them up there in a south window... Mine do well with all day south sun.

    Gorgeous little patch-o-beauty you have there Para! Wish I could put mine in the ground (can you feel the envy??!)

    Denise in Omaha

  • paracelsus

    Hey, thanks for the nice comments all! The 'jade' plants are Crassula tetragona, which grows like a weed. It is all over my 100 sq feet of succulent bed. It provides some shade for other plants, so I let it grow where it is for a while. The blue pebbles are as Denise identified, P. oviferum. They are very purple in winter. All of these can take cold down to around 25F for a few hours.

    There is a lot going on in my succulent bed. Here are some more Aloe flowers for you AF. ;)


  • aloefreak1

    If you keep putting pictures of your plants on here I'm going to pop out of your computer tonight and take all your aloe!!!!!!!!!! =P Will my mature aloe vera bloom in the weather I'm getting?

  • aloefreak1

    Heres a link to my plants.

    Here is a link that might be useful: My Succulents

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    Time will tell, but look for the flower spike beginning its ascent around February/March.

  • aloefreak1

    Are the clump pups suppost to be a little bit soft?

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    Well, they're not big bruisers like the mature ones. They should be soft but not mushy - mushy no good.

  • fat_matt16_hotmail_com


    I'm new to plants but am really getting into it and I love Succulents. I recently purchased a Gold Tooth Aloe that had a flower stalk. The red buds have all died and fallen off. Will more buds grow on that stalk? Should I cut the stalk? It's pretty warm here all year around. Is there any way to encourage new stalk growth out of season (I read that June is when they usually flower)?

    Any help is appreciated,


  • paracelsus

    If the buds had been fertilized they would have become seed pods. If they dry and fall off, they are done. You don't need to cut off the stalk, it will dry up as the moisture is resorbed by the plant. After a while, you can puck it out with no resistance. It will bloom when it's genes tell it too, starting in late Spring, and continuing through the summer. It is possible for a large mature rosette to make several inflorescences. The best way to encourage blooming is to grow a happy plant.

    Happy growing!


  • bunnygurl

    Paracelsus. I just found this thread and let me tell you...those spiral aloes are GORGEOUS! They make me want one but I can't find them anywhere and I know I couldn't grow it nearly as beautifully as you have.

    *Tries to catch breath that was taken away by aloes*

  • laura1

    I'm drooling!
    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Polina

    Paracelsus: would you be willing to share where you got your P. oviferum plant from? It's so pretty and I would love to find one. I'm a succulent newbie (was here for Gold Tooth Aloe advice!) and also located in the SF Peninsula so perhaps I would be able to get one from the same place. Thanks!

  • hookilau

    This is an old thread from 2009, not sure you will get the response you were looking for because of the age of the thread.

    I recently bought a gold tooth aloe on Ebay, (which is what drew me to this thread) but I'm in NY


  • Polina

    Thanks! You're right, it's a long shot. I saw seeds available online, but would rather get an actual plant. Hopefully I'll find one around here :).

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