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Broom Universe 98 - Last Find of 2011

10 years ago

The good old broom hunter company went on 29. December back to the forest again. The expedition started with the visit of two old mother brooms, and they were successful in finding the last broom of 2011.

Enjoy please the report!

Abies concolor Cernosice mother broom

Abies concolor Cernosice

Abies concolor Malik

Abies concolor Malik

Abies concolor Malik

Last find 2011

Krejci, Novak, Etzelstorfer, Malik & Valenta. Broom hunters after action.

Last Find 2011

Krejci, Novak, Etzelstorfer

Last Find 2011

Etzelstorfer in the car, Malik & Valenta

Last Find 2011

Last find 2011

Something in the air a broom

Abies concolor Kersko & Malik

Shaering of scions

Ready for grafting

Franz Etzelstorfer with a piece

Examination and cutting action

Malik, Novak, Etzelstorfer & Krejci: all take some scions

Malik, Novak, Etzelstorfer & Krejci

Abies concolor Kersko mother tree

Abies concolor Kersko mother tree with the company

Befrore leaving

Krejci, Malik, behind Novak, Valenta, Bagr & Etzelstorfer

Cutting action of Krejci

Climbing action

Climbing and cutting

Good job

Abies concolor Kersko

Nice colour

Broom examination by Franz Etzelstorfer

Maybe some beer is here

Also some food for the tired hunters

Looks like a pub

Its sure, a beerhall in the forest, named Hajenka

Lada Valenta took a good parking place

PR activity for Valentas nursery A joke made by Zdenek Novak

Lada Valenta & Professore Malik

The way to Hrabals beerpub. Hajenka was a loved pub of the famous czech writer, Bohumil Hrabal. He mentioned this place in his romans.

Some words of Hrabal about his experiences in the Hajenka. Just simply on the trunk.


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