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Conifer Meeting 2012 in Malik Gardens CZ

10 years ago

Conifer Meeting 2012 in Malik Gardens CZ

Photo report of Zdenek Novak, texts by Zsolt

The first June weekend brought Malik�s friends to Ceske Budejovice again. We made a small conference with special introductions of conifer works.

First Malik and friends made known a CD with the history of Pinus cembra broom discoveries of the last 16 years. We saw many photos about the famous finding places from Austria and South Tirol (ITA). This history was dedicated to Franz Etzelstorfer, the Father of Cembras. Today we know ~ 400 Cembra brooms or cultivars, 196 of Etzelstorfer, 105 to czech breeders (Krejci, Borovec, Malik, Novak, Simanek, Vostrak, Holubec, Spacek, Adamek, Valha, Fritsche, Veihrauch, etc.), 30 to Jorg Kohout GER, and the rest to Horstmann, american finds and other diverse breeders from the past century. It was a great happening to see the Cembra Saga in one, which became a botanical history.

After that I introduced four new national conifer books. Conifer Treasury of Cesko 2.0, written together with Vladimir Valenta, Miroslav Malik, Jiri Balatka, and up to 2010 with Jiri Holata. Conifer Treasury of Austria 2.0, written with Franz Etzelstorfer, Conifer Treasury of Russia 1.0 with Sergey Goroshkevich, Conifer Treasury of Slovakia 1.0 with Jiri Balatka and Juraj Tarnok. To impress my thanks to the authors I surprised them with a little Conifer Master emblem.

Also in this year I finished the Jerry Morris Life Monument with Jerry Morris, Nate Cassell and Dax Herbst. After all I published The Ladislav Krejci Life Monument together with him, who is the doyen of the czech breeders. I also expressed my thanks to these gentlemen with a Conifer Master emblem.

Later I introduced 232 czech conifer breeders, who discovered 4000 brooms even one in their life. Everyone of them are part of the czech conifer history.

It was a great pleasure for me to let know so many breeders in Cesko.

Generally I think, that after so many expeditions to the USA (Etzelstorfer, Kohout, Holubec, Sevcik), to Sibiria (Valenta, Etzelstorfer, Kohout), Balkan (Etzelstorfer, Kohout, Fritsche, Halda), Marocco (Eschrich), The Alps in Europe, or anywhere else seems for me this activity to collect unusual brooms from all over the world. The show must go on, and as Henk told me, he and Edwin visited this February to the US for Larix laricina brooms very successful.

Thanks to all of new discoveries, which lead us to new adventures.

Enjoy please the photos of Zdenek Novak about the meeting and the world discovering company.

Conifer Master Etzelstorfer and Mesterhazy

Conifer Master Tarnok and Papez jr. & sen.

Conifer Master Tarnok, Etzelstorfer, Valenta, Malik and Novak, Papez sen.

Conifer Master Tarnok, Etzelstorfer, Valenta, Malik and Zdenek Novak

Dutch colleagues are observing the brooms

Dutch friends are listening to Cembra adventures

Edwin Smits, Henk van Kempen, Wiel Linssen

Edwin and Tonda, the famous czech fireman Jirka Sourek works with the projector.

Mesterhazy, Krejci & wife, Valenta, Novak, Sewczyk, Etzelstorfer, Linssen, Papez, van Kempen, Smits, Meuter, Sourek, Papez jr.

Full screen and Conifer Master Malik as "Sitting Bull"

Henk, wife and Edwin

Jirka Sourek is documenting Cembras

Jirka Sourek

Kalas, Malik and Kalous

Kalous & Malik

Karel Kalous

Ladies Corner

Meuter, Smits, van Kempen, Linssen

Meuter, van Kempen, Linssen, Malik

Meuter, van Kempen, Linssen

Linssen, Etzelstorfer, Mesterhazy and Tarnok watching Cembra adventures

Linssen, Papez & wife, Sewczyk, Meuter

Linssen and Meuter

Linssen and Smits among brooms

Linssen and Tonda in Cembra studies

Malik, Kalas and Kalous

Kalous, Kalas and Malik

Mesterhazy in docu center

Mesterhazy introducing 232 czech breeders

Meuter among brooms

Malik as "Sitting Bull"

Papez and Meuter

Sewczyk, Kalous, Sourek and Malik

Sewczyk and Tarnok

Sourek and Mesterhazy in docu center

Tarnok and Sewczyk

Tarnok is translating the intro of 232 czech breeders

Valenta and Kalous

Valenta, Novak, Etzelstorfer, Linssen, Papez sen., Malik and Edwin without hat

Vaclav Vostrak and Conifer Master Krejci

Finally some photos by me

Barbecue party

Barbecue party

Malik int he barbecue corner

Conifer Master Valenta & Malik

Zdenek Novak, Valenta and Malik

Conifer Master Tarnok and Papez jr.

Mr. Tonda, the famous czech fireman is grilling meats under heavy control

Full screen

Family photo

Family photo 2

Family photo 3

Conifer Master Tarnok, Etzelstorfer and Valenta

Franz, Conifer Master of Austria with me

Media attack

Conifer Master embleme

Conifer Masters


Comments (10)

  • Cher
    10 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Fabulous pictures. Really enjoyed seeing all of the different people over there. Do admit I never come over here. Save the link you posted in and each time you update over here, reply to your post so we know because most of us just don't think about it.

  • botann
    10 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    First time I've seen Edwin with his hat off.
    Nice pics.
    Nice garden too.

  • sluice
    10 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Zsolt, thanks for this tour!

  • hermi-of-iowa
    9 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    It is good to see the faces of so many people that we only hear about.
    Thank you Zsolt,

  • ireena (zone 5-6)
    9 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Nice pictures. Beautiful garden, dedicated people, united in the same passion :) Last summer, while my Europa traveling, I was visited Malik' nursery. I was interested in some of the rare plants that I had seen at his website, but I went home with 29!!!! plant pots :)))) In our small car (in my small garden)..... my husband was patient and understanding, as a miracle.. Pan Malik was so kind and welcoming. Next year will go back to visit him.


  • coniferjoy
    9 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Ireena, after you'll visit Mira Malik for the next time, you're also welcome to visit my nursery as well.
    From his to my nursery is only about 8 hours drive...

  • mesterhazypinetum
    Original Author
    9 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    just open a nursery next to Malik in Cesko for Middle Europe, and your nice plants can spread away... :)

  • coniferjoy
    9 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Zsolt, thank you for your good idea, but I like the Dutch sea climate better then the Cesko land climate.
    The mild sea climate is why the conifers will grow better at nurseries in The Netherlands then in Middle/Central Europe...

    Luckely for me and my clients in Northern-Central-and Eastern Europe and even Russia there are trucks which can transport these to them :0)

  • ireena (zone 5-6)
    9 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    Thank you, Edwin for invitation:) I traveled every summer with my husband on long journeys with the car. Last year we visited Austria and Italy. Malika nursery was near my way to home. Maybe next year we will change our route, and visiting the Netherlands too:) I saw many interesting things in your website...

    Zsholt - I live near the Baltic Sea (3km). Edvin's nursery is closer to me than the Czech Republic. Our climate is quite mild and humid. In winter there may be a short period of hard cold (25-29C). Worse is the fact that it is highly variable. Winter can be a thaw, combined with a severe cold.


  • mesterhazypinetum
    Original Author
    9 years ago
    last modified: 7 years ago

    I see Edwin, the trucks are your long arms in the continent. Quite good idea.
    Ireena, please send me a mail to correspondent about Baltic conifers.