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It's all your fault Patty.

10 years ago

I had 14 varieties of citrus and I was happy with that and done......or so I thought. Growing some 300 or so fruiting plants I was not really looking for more. Patty though had to start talking up the Kishu and the dekopon. I swear she must get a kick back from the citrus nurseries. I have been looking for a Kishu and Dekopon for months with not much luck. I could have got the dekopon through the budwood organization but would have to find a grower who would take it and just seemed a hassle. It is tough when you are in a quarantine state as you see places Like 4 winds with them but you can't have them. Finally I contacted a man who did not have any but knew somebody who did so contacted her.

She had a Kishu as well as a sigle Dekopon. The problem is she would not let me buy them lol. She had them promised to someone else and I respected that but we stayed in touch talking plants and then fate smiled on me and the other person decided they wanted to hold off and when she told me I could have them I was gone like a shot to pick them up.

All your fault Patty.......

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