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How Much Heat Can Citrus Stand?

10 years ago

Have had two orange citrus in containers for over five years. Last fall, decided to plant them in the ground when we moved to a new property in Central Texas.Although soil is clay based, I planted them in a raised bed with plenty of mulch. Trees (about 4ft. tall) survived a two week freeze nicely (well wrapped). Spring brought abundant blooms and three small oranges. Now it's summer with 105 degrees every day. My poor orange trees look pitiful. Although I water them deeply once a day in this dreadful heat, the top half leaves are all curled up with some that appear to be drying out.Have checked carefully for any sign of bugs...Nada. Trees are in full sun from noon till dark. Although partially shaded by live oaks in the early AM, they receive full brunt of the blazing western sun for the rest of the day.Is it the extreme heat that is causing the curling of leaves? What can I do to protect my trees? Would a shade cloth help to save them till weather cools?

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