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Dahlia support - how many stems ? Pinching?

16 years ago

I read the post on supports and have had best luck with the inverted cages pinned down with the severed legs. But when I READ THE POST RE: cuttings vs. tubers, I realized that the reason I always really love the potted plants bought on sale in summer is that they are probably from a cutting. They have one main stem - not too many laterals and make a beautifully shaped plant- many blooms. The next yr. they are more of the sprawlers that Ihave come to expect.

When I divide , shoule I make sure there is only one eye? Am I pinching back too often and getting more laterals than I can control. PLEASE help, I have always loved my dahlias, but I know that I am pruning them incorrectly. I am not seeking 10 or 12 inch blooms, and I have a large variety of types - and would include more decoratives if I could grow them well. Thanks for any help.

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