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long aloe walk 3

12 years ago

last installment of aloe walk in my garden at least... there are hundreds more, but most less impressive for now (wait until they get larger).

Sampling of KElly Griffin hybrids... I have about 20 of these, but these were my first three

Aloe krapohliana is a nice, blue smaller species with a relatively large flower

Aloe laeta is a nice Madagascan species with 'fuzz' for teeth... slow plant. Needs more sun than I'm giving it.

eventually a tree aloe, this Aloe litorallis is a slowpoke

Aloe longystyla is a dinky plant, but has a huger flower for how small it is

hybrid Aloe named Aloe 'Lysa'

One of the larger 'plastic-leaf' spotted aloes. Gets nice colors in winter (browns and deep reds with the green)

very well known species, Aloe plicatilis makes a nice bonsai tree aloe... one of the few toothless species (about 12 toothless I know of so far)

Aloe porphyrostachys is a nice spring or summer bloomer

Used to think these were so rare (Aloe maculata variegates), but this one is exceptionally colorless. Yet does great in full sun

Another Kelly Griffin hybrid, Aloe Medium Well Done

Aloe melanacantha has black spines on leaves, and a nice red flower

Aloe microstigma is one of the more colorful species, in both flower and leaf coloration

Aloe mubendiensis has flowers that come in several colors... mine picked yellow-orange to be its color

Aloe munchii flowers

Aloe ortholopha rarely blooms... but got lucky a few years ago

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