Hollyhock, Hollyhock, Oh Holly, Holly, Holly...

12 years ago

Anybody remember the song Lollipop from 1958? Every time I think of hollyhocks, the chorus of the old song goes through my mind, only using the word hollyhock instead of lollipop. Weird, huh? (This is not to be confused with the more or less current song(?) Lollipop by Lil Wayne. Boy did I get a surprise when I read THOSE lyrics. Yow!)

In the what-a-difference-three-years-can-make department, I present exhibit 1, a picture I posted in 2005 of my one blooming hollyhock plant.

Here a couple I just took a few minutes ago.



Quite a difference, eh? I know a lot of you get rust on your hollies, and it looks like I have some too. In fact ... ooh, jeeze, I just got a charlie horse in my leg. Hold on. ... OK, better now. Too much squatting in the garden today, I guess. Anyway, about the rust... Some of my plants have lost leaves near the bottom, but it doesn't usually get too much worse than that. Lucky for me.

Just thought you might like to see them. Hope you did.


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