Whats now eating my dahlia flower petals?

9 years ago

I have been noticing in the last week or so that something is eating the petals on several of my dahlias.....

I just resprayed them with Spectracide Triacide about 1.5 weeks ago, after we were hit by 2 hurricanes in 10 days, which dropped a total of probably 16 inches of rain our area. As soon as the rain ended, within about 3 days, I began noticing spider mites and what was identified as tree hoppers that were eating the center veins under each leaf, had returned.

I had sprayed about 5 weeks earlier, but I guess the rain weakened it, so I sprayed again, which got rid of the problem insects on the leaves.

But now, as the flowers open, something is eating them......

It is eating the ends of the petals, but I never actually see anything there.

I've previously noticed Katydids eating Zinnia leaves and munching on Zinnia flower petals, so maybe thats what it is, but I have not seen any Katydids for 2 weeks at least.

Anyone else having this problem?

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