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Colors of later Winter

December 13, 2011

Shot some plants about the yard today since it was raining and colors seem to be more vibrant in this weather. Not many aloes blooming yet, but the plants themselves are looking nice this time of year.

Agave attenuata variegated


Aeonium Voodoo

Aeonium Zwartkop

Agave Joe Hoak

Aloe alooides

Aloe congolensis

Aloe diolii

Aloe littoralis

Aloe schelpii

Aloe secundiflora

Beaucarnea variegated (probably guatamalensis)

Echeveria Doris Taylor

Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg

Euphorbia enopla

Euphorbia hamata blooming

Euphorbia leucodendron and Agave attenuata NOVA

Graptoveria Fred Ives

Mangave Blood Spot


Pachyveria Rosie Greer flower

Aloe microstigma early bloom

Comments (15)

  • Beachplants

    Always such a pleasure to look at your wonderful collection, Geoff. Thanks for posting all the delights!

  • Colleen E

    Wow. Hard to fathom being able to have such a landscape. And the Aeonium 'Voodoo' is incredible. I was looking at an online listing for a Mangave Blood Spot earlier today, and gosh, that plant is beautiful.

  • hijole

    Wow.... They are all beauties but the 1st one gets the grand prize , I've been trying to get my hands on one of those, So where do you live Lol.. I'm sure you also belong to cacti and succulent Annonimous (for addicts) who are hooked on succulents, and congratulations to you Lzrddr. People who don't collect cacti & succulents would even stop to notice your collection I'm sure right cause they are a conversation piece for sure. Enjoy them. Greg

  • calif888

    May I add another WOW,,,,,,,,The plants are all wonderful and the photos OUTSTANDING,,,,,Thanks for this post. The images just jumped out at me from the computer screen.

  • chaparralgirl

    *SWOON* Another garden of envy! Just stunning. Absolutely stunning. Like many others, I find that with each glorious photo I'm saying to myself, "Oh, I have to get me one of those plants!" But, for me, the one that really made me stop in my tracks is the Blood Spot. Now I must find one.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  • ssk22 Ohio 5b

    Wonderful photos,
    Like I said before,to be able to grow these in your yard year round would be a dream come true.
    Thanks for sharing

  • paul_

    Awesome! Particularly loved the Agave attenuata variegated and the Mangave Blood Spot!

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5


    I'm going back to the pictures again and again trying to decide which is my favourite, and I keep getting different answers. Thanks for sharing the rainy season in a succulent fashion with us.

  • paracelsus

    A Symphony for the Eyes! A spectacular display of aloeness and agavetivity.

    CG: "Another Garden of Envy!"


  • Central_Cali369

    Awesome! Weird that it's raining south of the grapevine. It's sunny and warm today in the San Joaquin Valley. Usually it's the other way around. Great job!

  • birdsnblooms

    Lz, Wow, beautiful succulents. Your variegated Agaves are gorgoues.
    I especially like your variegated Beaucarnea. Do you have any idea of its age?

    My other favorites are: Echeveria Doris and Mangave Blood Spot. Is Mangave Blood Spot a small succulent or grow tall?
    The colors on your Mangave are fabulous. Toni

    PS. I see some plants in pots. Since I don't know your location, are all in containers or some in-groun?

  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    All lovely plants, but the variegated A. attenuata is to swoon over. Want want want!

  • lzrddr

    most plants are in the ground. Agave attenuata is in a pot, though several reasons. Easy to move it into the back yard if there is something going on the in neighborhood and I don't want to get it stolen... and also it gets cold here (down to 25F a few years ago) and that plant is a total wimp when it comes to frost. By the way, I have seen those variegated Agave attenuatas as Lowes several times over the last few years... pretty affordable, too! This one was a sucker I got from a friend that just ended up being a great specimen. And now it, too, has a sucker on it... cool.

  • birdsnblooms

    Lz, I don't know where you live, but here in IL, very few rarities are sold.

    We've been to Lowe's twice, 'two different stores.' What a disappointment.

    I can honestly say, the last 20+ years, I've never once seen a variegated Agave for sale. Our grocery store had a green leaf Agave in a 3", decorative pot, approximately 10-yrs-ago. That was the first and last time I've seen Agaves. Believe me, Lz, I hunt for rare plants. lol.

    Anyway, you have some true beautys. Toni

  • andrewofthelemon

    I wish that i could have those colors in winter, everything here is dead :(

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