identify Goumi vs Autumn Olive

July 16, 2014

Can someone tell be how to tell the difference between the Goumi vs the Autumn Olive plants? I find a lot of description for the later, and then lots of ads from nurseries wanting to sell the former. The physical traits described by the Wikipedia article for each seem to be same.

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    goumis have larger/sweeter fruit that hang on a bush 6-8ft tall Autumn Olive are small very numerous and are close to the branches on a taller bush 12-18ft. go with the goumi if choosing between the 2.

  • fabaceae_native

    You're right, the physical description is the same because they look almost identical. The flowering/fruiting characteristics are the only differences, in terms of ripening time (July for goumi and September for AO), fruit size (goumi much larger) and fruit production/organization (AO berries very numerous in clusters, goumi less numerous and spread out along branch). Many nurseries sell AO as goumi, and even reputable ones like Raintree and One Green World have conflicting pics and/or descriptions for goumi. So if it is goumi you want make sure everything matches up before you buy, otherwise you will be stuck with AO!

  • Meredith Spitalnik

    Yup, they sold me AO seedlings as Goumi. Small berries, ripe Oct 1. Grrr... I didn't even question it till I bought two named varietals of Goumi and noticed how much larger the berries were :(

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