HAVE: dutchmens breeches,bloodroot,trillum,trout lilly

15 years ago

I have dutchmens breeches, bloodroot, red or white trillum,

yellow or white trout lilly, mayapples,jack in the pulpits to trade. I am looking for twin leaf, twin flower, lady

slippers, painted indian brush, pipsissewas,bunch berry,

bellworts,hardy orchids, gentians,hepaticas. Tempt Me!

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  • bccecil

    I have some twin leaf. I am interested in your white trillium.

  • plantbug

    I am interested in your dutchmens breeches, red and white trillum, white trout lilly, jack in the pulpits to trade.(Is your jacks the tripbyllum?)

    I have pipsissewas, bellworts, crane fly orchids, hepaticas-americana, and others.

    LMK if interested in trading. plantbug

  • chazgardencity

    Hello Cheri, check out my list to see if I may have something of interest to you. If there is something that I could trade for I would be interested in your trilliums, and trout lilies. Thanks Chaz

  • hagey

    I am looking for wildflowers, and wondered if you will have some this year? I have been looking back to 2007 spring lists of some wildflower plants.
    We live in Michigan and will not have plants until late March or April - hopefully. We have perennials, daylilies, and hostas. Depending on what comes up. Let me know if and what you might be trading. Thanks. Betty

  • montane1

    Our pink lady slipper orchids have been nearly missing the last couple of years. I'm suspecting the drought is involved. When conditions are good, we have a bunch. We just spotted a couple of Carolina Lily, too. There aren't enough of those to dig, but I can keep an eye out for seed structures. I'm interested in bloodroot. All of our offerings are wild-growing on our land, so we must watch seasons for transplanting. Any suggestions on how to make lady's slipper propagate/transplant successfully?

  • ralfsmom

    i have european ginger i can trade for your trout lilies. dj

  • drunk_ambrose

    i will trade u rue anenome or nastrutium for the bloodroot

  • Jacob


    I know this is a very old post but I was very interested in your dog tooth violets and trilliums. I have several different species of trilliums and a lot of extremely rare spring blooming bulbs. Also have several small woodland plants. I would love to work out some sort of an exchange now or early next spring

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