Dark Oak Cabinets or dark Maple Cabinets

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago
I am struggling with what cabinets to choose for our house we are building - dark oak or dark maple.

I love the more modern look maple has but i like the grain oak offers. Our floors are tile wood - N4 patchouli tiles by impronta ceramiche - they are light colored porcelin tiles that are shiny and have different shades of grey, beige and gold and brown. These floors are a bit grainy too and are beautiful!!

Cabinet hardware will be modern. Will oak cabinets be too grainy? We are building the Georgia by MArcson HOmes that can be found on this site.

The first pic is of the showhome kitchen and the second pic is the tiles I am using.

Also - paint on walls will be barrin plain by benjamin Moore - lighter grey.

Thank you

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