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What is your favorite 'black' flower/plant?

16 years ago

Halloween is coming, which begs the question, what are your favorite black plants?

I have quite a list =) I have been collecting black plants for a few years, here are my favorites...

Pansy, 'Black prince'- These flowers are about as close to true black as you can get, very striking!

Elepant ears, 'Black magic' & 'Illustris'- 'Black magic' are just gorgeous, solid "black" leaves, while 'Illustris' has green veins, nice contrast.

Geranium, 'Solstice chocolate'- Rich mohagany flowers, not exactly black, but still lovely!

Tulip 'Night queen'- The bulbs are on their way from Brecks, I can't wait!

Columbine 'William Guiness'- Just plain pretty =)

Torenia, 'Clown violet'- I don't think these are marketed as black flowers, but they are very close!

Nemophila "Penny black"- A true black flower, very cute little buttons of ebony with a ruffled white edge.

There are also some "blacks" that don't quite measure up, snapdragon 'Black prince' for instance. The foliage does have a dark cast, but the flowers are really just deep red. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful, but not black. Then there are black hollyhocks. The color is beautiful, but the plant itself was disappointing. Mine were ravaged by bugs, and looked so ratty. I am not sure if I will try to grow these again next year. I hate to spray, but I will have to if the hollyhocks stay.

On my wish list...


Aster 'Liliput moon'

Millet 'Purple majesty'

Pansy 'Rippling waters'

Scabiosa 'Ace of spades'

Chocolate morning glories

Happy haunting!


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