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Breeder's Hall - Jerry Morris Life Monument 1.0 2011

10 years ago


The first american member in the Breeder's Hall is Jerry Morris. The first version of his Life Monument is available from now.

Enjoy please the fruits of our common work, which is well donated by the Gardenweb members. Thanks to all of you in the hope of nearly finishing.

Good luck to the No. 1 breeder of the world!

Zsolt, Nate, Dax & the company

Here is a link that might be useful: Jerry Morris Life Monument 1.0 2011

Comments (10)

  • greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a
    10 years ago

    Incredible, what a monument!
    Many thanks for undertaking such a work!


  • dcsteg
    10 years ago

    Nice presentation and to be valued by all.

    Thanks for posting.


  • blue_yew
    10 years ago

    Interesting stuff thanks for that

  • tsugajunkie z5 SE WI ♱
    10 years ago

    Quite the undertaking is right. Thank you for the great effort.


  • firefightergardener
    10 years ago

    Wow, Jerry Morris is truely one of the greatest contributers to conifer enthusiasts the world has ever seen. Surely this has been decades of hard work and great discoveries. Not to be overshadowed is the enormous volume of work you've compiled here as well Zsolt, well done!!

  • mesterhazypinetum
    Original Author
    10 years ago

    I agree. Brooms are not to be harvested on the main street. In June I saw two videos of Jorg Kohout from Siberian Expedition, and an other one of Zdenek Novak from the Pinus cembra broom hunting. They worked in a picturesque scenery far of the "civilized world" in waste forests or in high mountains.

    Last week I met again Zdenek Novak at Professore Malik in Cesko, who was just arrived from the last expedition for cembras. They found 5 new exciting brooms, and the next day Mr. Malik started to graft them all. In some days I hope to publish here a short expedition report about the new brooms.


  • sluice
    10 years ago

    Super Zsolt! A wonderful Monument.

  • coniferjoy
    10 years ago

    Szolt, thank you very much for this masterpiece of work!
    I admire your input to make this Jerry Morris Life Monument.

    On the other side these Jerry Morris list of his foundings makes me almost wanna cry.
    This is because it's a dying out thing and I bet in now and 10 years about 10% is still availlable among conifer collectors, all the others will be lost in cultivation...

    Also Jerry Morris isn't a breeder, he is a witches' broom hunter which is a complete differend thing. About 90% of his foundings went straight to Larry Stanley because they made an agreement which worked well for a couple of years.
    As everyone knows Larry doesn't make such a big variety of grafts no more so the propagation source is gone.
    Only a hand full of these plants are still availlable at nurseries which will make this life monument to be a museum piece of art...

  • gardener365
    10 years ago

    There's a hidden (smallish) gem field at Rich's Foxwillow Pines. I saw from a distance a grouping of 50 or ? Too bad I was already leaving & my car started etc-


  • mesterhazypinetum
    Original Author
    10 years ago

    Edwin, Dax, Will,

    Quite sure, Larry Stanley listed in 2005 197 brooms of Jerry. He was my first source in collecting Jerry's brooms. I very hope, if collectors start to buy again, Larry can go to his backyard to the aged motherplants, and propagate again.

    About a year ago Will told me, he is a friend of Larry and lives very near to him. I asked him to try to documentate what Larry now has. The Jerry file is not yet finished, Will has a good chance to detect Larry's backyard.

    Later on Nate detected a lot of brooms in Denver BG, hopely these are also not lost. I found later the documentations in the Denver files.

    I think, if Dax takes his camera to Rich, it would be a good decision, as Rich was hunting together with Jerry earlier.

    But anyway, I'm a bit idealistic with this collecting as wonna be informed all possible brooms. I must to make this, and an other story is, what you find in the nurseries.

    Generally I think that the Jerry file is not mine, but all of us, who made this dicoveries. I remember the good old times as Nate started the galleries in 2009. Our friends were surprised: oh I have a Jerry in my collection, and an other one, and later many. These were hero times, and the first 500 photos were collected mainly by this way. These photos are listed now under their names.