Four years of Abies alba 'Hana'

A little green sprite, this prostrate(so far) plant has been growing about an inch and a half a year(3 cm). Note the wildly different colors in new push and hardened growth.

This plant is in at least part shade, closer to 'mostly shade'.

Original source, Bob Fincham, Coenosium Gardens.






Comments (3)

  • ogcon
    7 years ago

    I think I actually remember seeing this little silver fir in your garden last week ,Will.I have some preference for this group of European firs and the graceful mutations it has
    expressed.I wonder who named it 'Hana'?

  • coniferjoy
    7 years ago

    'Hana' is one of the several witches' brooms of this species which were found in the Czech Republic.
    It was named in 2001 by the Holata Nursery.

  • ogcon
    7 years ago

    Thanks Edwin.Hana is also a Japanese word for "flower"so of course I had to pose the question.D.