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easy edging plant for rose/cottage beds

9 years ago

I stuggle with cohesiveness in my garden designs as I like a little bit (one!) of everything! Have over 200 roses, and now lots of perennials thrown in there, always going for the cottage look, but it is Texas, and I have lots of beds, and no gardener...

so, I have a few plants I repeat, lavender, catmint, etc.

I am thinking of doing a bit more organized bordering of some of the beds, particularly those that line the sidewalks and some low walls. Would love a no/low water plant, but MUSt be something that needs no care. And doesn''t get invasive. The catmint gets reallly BIG! as does rosemary, and lavender.

Am thinking about pink skullcap. I have some in scattered places, and maybe every other year I shear it, it never gets bigger than 24 inches around, short, IDK, seems like the perfect answer. I like the color, insignificant but nice bloom, EVERGREEN for the most part. can take full blazing sun to part sun.

Can you think of anything better?? And found it on sale pretty cheap, $2 for 4 inch pots.

EVERGREEN, LOW WATER, NOT INVASIVE, NOT HUGE GROWING, GREEN as opposed to grey green which I don't prefer so much off, CHEAP!

Hate to go plop $100 plus on it but seems like a pretty good answer. Had thought of blackfoot daisy but that isn't evergreen and can get a little ratty. germander can't take the blazing sun without irrigation.


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