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Backyard covered in pine needles from neighbors trees... Mulch?

11 years ago

The below picture happens just about every other fall pending we have heavy winds like we do today. No winds, no mess. It's a real pain to cleanup, so I thought about putting my cleanup efforts to a good use. The strip is around 200' x 40' of pine needles blown from our neighbors trees into our yard and they are still falling. The picture below is only 50' of 200' total. It's like a freaking snow storm of pine needles right now lol.

Obviously I would need a lot more than this to fill all my beds so using all pine needles just isn't practical. I thought about mixing this in with my current mulch to give my beds a more 'not so groomed' look until my trees can produce enough needles themselves that fall each year. I could be incorrect, but I thought pine needles don't break down as fast as mulch. In the past I've always bagged them up and dumped them on the back of my property.

Since it'll take hours to clean all of this up, I figured I would see if any drawbacks would come of this or if I should just dump them.


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