growing LSU Gold fig-'fantastic'

July 20, 2006

It's very odd I don't find much written on this fig. I'm a bit surprised because I donÂt understand why!!! I have two of them growing in pots. One is three years old the other was started from a cutting last December from my older tree. This variety is OUTSTANDING. Large Light green figs - easy to grow and fast growing. It's also has very large leaves.

I store mine tied up after two frosts have hit them and the leaves have dropped then covered with sleeping blankets that I purchased at garage sales for a buck or two in my unheated garage. It's gets rather cold in there living in northeast PA. Out of the five different verities have growing in tubs this is by far the best.

Like I said this plant is fantastic. The older one is full of figs even a few briba's.

The younger one is sporting three large figs not ripe as yet also. Last year the older tree was loaded and they where delicious but I have to wait until August living where I do until any of my figs start ripening.

If any of you people grow the LSU Gold I would like to hear your results or thoughts.

Thank you


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  • herman2_gw

    I Have an LSU Purple ,and so far it has a lot of Large healthy leafes but no figs.It looks like it is shy in producing fruits despite clame of otherwise.
    I would be Interested to know where you got your LSU Gold from.????

  • kkfromnj

    Just about the same here, about 3ft tall, lots of healthy leafs and branches, just starting to get some little figs, seem to be 1 or 2 at the very end of each branch. Its a 2 year old plant (from George), maybe it needs to get a little older. Maybe next year.

  • herman2_gw

    Yes Keith Just read E.L. claim."Produces figs as soon as grow starts".What a lie.Regards

  • gorgi

    I got my LSU.P from EL in 2002. Mine is an ~4 bush in a pot.
    Just looked at it and there are 24 - 30 (~1") figlets on it.
    This is the most I have ever seen on it. Previous years
    it only produced figs that I could count on one hand.
    So it must be one of those figs that need ~4 years to
    mature. As far as taste is concerned, I think that it
    was rather very plain (expected better!).

    I do have one new LSU Gold (from SSE) rooted cutting.
    Looking very forward to it...

    George (NJ).

  • gorgi

    Forgot to mention one important attribute for the LSU-P fig.
    LSU claims that this fig has roots that are nematode
    resistant! This may be a very good asset as a root stock
    for grafting other cultivars (when so prefered/possible),
    or where RKN is a major fig problem.

  • vin143

    I have an LSU Purple from paradise nursery. I got it last year and got 3 figs from it. This year I have about 10 on the tree. I read that these trees need long hot summers to produce. But, I'm in north NJ and it's producing anyway.


  • dangsr2

    Question for anyone, I just saw the word briba used what is it and what is it on figs. THANKS SOMEONE.

  • gorgi

    Breba is the fruit produced on LAST year's wood.
    The Main Crop is the fruit produced on THIS year's
    green growth (wood).

  • elder

    gorgi: is (SSE) Seed Savers Exchange? If so, do you need to be a member in order to purchase fig cuttings, or do they have them in their catalog?
    pezzuti9: do you remember from where, or how, you got your LSU Gold? Sounds like a fig worth having, per your description.
    I have been buying from EL for several years, and have found them to be quite honest. If they said anything that was not the case, I doubt it was an intentional lie.....Elder (Lou)

  • gorgi

    Yes, SSE = Seed Savers Exchange.
    I am a new 2006 member, and that is how I was able to
    get some of the fig cuttings available (after receiving
    the 'Seed Savers 2006 Yearbook). Could not see them (figs)
    online! SSE offered 23 fig cultivars @ $5.00 each
    (3 cuttings, - smaller than UCD).
    Not sure if one needs to be a member for figs, they do
    offer 'seeds' for non-members, but also offer 'other'
    good stuff for current members...
    SSE home site:
    George (NJ).

    Here is a link that might be useful: GW - thread: Seed Savers Exchange

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    I got an lsu purple fig this spring. I didn't know what to expect because it seemed to be slow to put out leaves. But it has really done well with very sweet tasting dark purple fruit. It is really loaded down with fruit and I have already picked about 25 this season. There are a few suckers on it and they also have figs, all the way down to the dirt lol. Maybe they like the humidity here.
    I am thinking of getting a lsu gold next.

  • herman2_gw

    Looking at the last post and at what Lou said that there was no intentional Misleading of description on Lsu Purple by Anybody,I apologise for using a bad word Where i shoud have not.
    I can see LSU Purple can be a productive fig just like the description say ,in the south ,While in the North the results are variable.
    We Also have to take into acount that figs do not suposse to grow in the north,and therefore no fig is guaranted to Perform well higher than zone 8.
    So my frustration with LSU Purple not performing in my Backyard ,zone 6 are not well founded.
    So Again i Apologise if i ofended anybody.
    I also was doing a search about LSU Gold and it Looks like it is an Excelent Fig,That will work in colder regions much better than LSU Purple.Regards

  • elder

    Herman: no apology needed, no offense taken. EL might have issues, I just don't think honesty is one of them. By the way, I respect your analyses, which come from practical experience. I use many of your suggestions, and look forward to many more future postings.
    Am still looking for a reliable source for this LSU Gold.....Elder (Lou)

  • bjs496


    I'll have to see how much mine will grow this year, but I may have a few cuttings at the end of the season.


  • elder

    James: Just let me know what I have to do.....Elder

  • dghays

    Purchased an LSU gold and an LSU improved Celeste from picked them from Crawfordsville, south of Tallahassee Florida. I was visiting Wakulla State Park, which is nearby. They've been cut back for the winter, we'll see what happens.


  • marylandmojo

    Herman: Your frustration at LSU Purple not growing for you IS well founded. USDA zones denote the coldest WINTER temperatures in a given area, ONLY. They have nothing to do with your Summer growing season, and any Fig should grow in our mid-Atlantic Summers (as far as TEMPERATURES are concerned). All named Figs, or clones (cuttings) thereof, are NOT equal, as I'm sure you already know; some, of the same named variety are super prolific, and some are very shy producers. You need an LSU Purple cutting from a known, prolific producer.

  • gorgi

    Does this imply that there are an x-number of LSU Purple(s)?!

  • marylandmojo

    gorgi: It only implies that taking cuttings from a KNOWN prolific producer will give you a very good chance of having a prolific fig of your own. (Ask Herman: I sent him cuttings from 3 prolific Figs here, that he counts as his best. Many others of the same named variety Suck.)
    Herman: I have recently dug a 2-foot rooted "whip" from a friend's LSU Purple here in Maryland, that DRIPS hundreds of figs in a season, in my area (which is similar to yours).
    It is too small for cuttings now, but this coming Fall I will send you cuttings from this KNOWN producer (if you haven't obtained cuttings from a similar Purple, by then).

  • dghays

    Here is some info on LSU Purple:
    Very reliable, prolific producer of early to late delicious figs. One of the best figs to come along for some time. Excellent for containers, producing early figs as soon as growth starts. Very acclimated to the fluctuating weather of the South, does great in Virginia Beach. Zones 8-9. (For trial in Zone 7.) (003) A small- to medium-sized purple fig with strawberry pulp. Variable shape and flavor. Bred by E.N. O'Rourke and released by Louisiana State University in 1991. Its stems are always purple. LSU says the plant is nematode resistant. Well adapted to the Deep South. Hardiness not established. Seems tender. (004) (013) Mike McConkey says it is hardy in Virginia. Does rebound well from winter freezing and killback. (006) Very rigorous grower. Red to dark fig with excellent flavor and high sugar content. (013) Skin and flesh colors: Red-purple; amber Developed in Louisiana and recommended for Gulf Coast region. These closed-eye figs resist souring. Tree is vigorous, cold-tolerant. (022) Very reliable, prolific producer of early to late delicious figs. One of the best figs to come along for some time. Excellent for containers, producing early figs as soon as growth starts. Very acclimated to the fluctuating weather of the South, does great in Virginia Beach. (071)An O'Rourke hybrid of Hunt and a California caprifig identified as "C-1," released by LSU in 1991. Rather variable in quality and hardiness, but when it is good it is really good.

  • glenn9643

    Seems that this thread veered off to LSU Purple and stayed there.
    My LSU Gold didn't yield any figs until the third year. I was going to dig it up after the fourth, but it gave us figs that year they were so much better than the Celeste which was our only other. This past summer was the fifth year but production wasn't much improved, but the weather may have impacted in that respect.
    I found my LSU Gold at Lowes' garden center, and have seen them at Home Depot locally. They often have LSU Purple also, along with BT, Celeste.

  • marylandmojo

    dghays: Many different descriptions, but the last sentence sums it up for me:..."Rather variable in quality and hardiness, but when it is good it is really good". (Sounds like a lot of other varieties I've had experience with.) In my area, I know of an LSU Purple that is a shy producer, and another that is a precocious, prolific producer (from two different sources and areas of the country). Which one would you want cuttings from??
    herman: There are many sources for LSU Gold and Purple, particularly in the South (including trades). I would look for either (or both) that have proven themselves in our area (and zone, if you intend to grow them inground).

  • genecolin

    I'm a little late on this post but here's my experience with LSU GOLD. I bought one at Lowes in Feb. about 3' tall with a fork just above ground level, not the one I'd pick if I had a choice. It was bare of leaves but with green buds. I put it in the ground and by the 1st of march leaves were growing strong. By April it starting put on figs and the two branches held about 25. They ripened from light green to a beautiful Gold and were as good a fig as I have eaten. The second year it grew more branches off of the original 2, still an ugly tree, which produced about 100 figs. After harvest the leaves fell and it looked dormant in August. Soon after it sprouted again, added to branch lenght and a whole new crop of figs. I ate my last in the first week on Nov., most didn't ripen. This year, its third year, it started leafing out 2 weeks ago. I hope we don't have a late freeze. If not, I'm hopeing to get more off of the second crop. Too sum it up, a great fig with great taste and an abundant crop. Of course this is south Louisiana. My other figs are Celeste, Mission, Magnolia, Alma and Brown Turkey.

  • dghays

    Marylandmojo: The variability could be due to individual growing conditions (soil, ph, fert, watering, drainage), and its possible there is no genetic difference in the cuttings. Unless we know the specific origins of that exact variety. They could all be genetically identical, being asexually propagated.


  • herman2_gw

    Glen Is Right:This discusion drifted from LSU Gold to LSU pURPLE.
    My scop was to find out from Pezutti where he got his LSU Gold,From???????.
    He describe it as a very good one and i was intending to order one from the respective nursery.
    After all this time and posting he never posted any information.Well That is life."You can't always,get what you want".
    To Marylandmojo:I am interested in the fruitfull one,if it is cold hardy too.
    I know i am asking too much,and thanks.Happy gardening

  • pezzuti9

    With the info. you requested above. Let me know if you received it or not.

    Lou NE., PA

  • herman2_gw

    Hi Lou:I Did not received any Email so far ,and Iwanted to send you one,but it was returned undelivered.It say"permanent error".Thanks

  • pezzuti9

    I just checked my members page and my email after I updated twice befor is still showing the old address I used to have.
    If you want to reach me try
    I hate to type all the info. I wrote last night over again to you using the forum contact message format. Write me using the email address in this thread to let me know what the questions are you want answered.
    Lou NE., PA

  • gorgi

    What the heck you guys are talking about??????? LSU Gold is a
    RECENT LSU fig release (maybe not) of a NEW, NEW, NEW fig
    release. IF THE NAME HAS ALREADY BEEN 'JINZXED', I may just
    throw mine (from a reputable LA source) down the drain......

  • danab_z9_la

    The following quote comes from the LSU Ag. Department's Fig publication:

    "The LSU Gold variety was released by the LSU AgCenter in 2001. LSU Gold is a large yellow fig (35-50 grams)blushed with red and containing light red to pink pulp. The fruit has excellent flavor and good cold resistance. One of the limting characteristics of LSU Gold is the open eye when mature. This can cause spoilage of fruit during ripening in high moisture periods. This variety is recommended for Louisiana."

    I can attest to the outstanding flavor of this variety. When I tasted my first LSU Gold several years ago, I could not believe a fig could taste so good. Prior to that I had only tasted Brown Turkey and Celeste (probably not a true Celeste). This variety ignited a passion in me for figs and I have collected many varieties since then.

    I have a few cuttings available for trade if anyone is interested (mine can be traced directly to the LSU breeding program). I also have a few cuttings of LSU Purple, LSU Improved Celeste, and LSU Golden Celeste. I am interested in varieties that I do not have. I am looking for Falls Gold, Hollier, White Texas Everbearing, and other varieties with good taste that should grow well in South Louisiana.


  • daedelus902

    "Large Light green figs - easy to grow and fast growing"

    The "fast growing" statement is a bit much I think. I have a Chicago Hardy that grows about 8-12 feet yearly. The LSU Gold grows maybe 12" in a good year. Mine hasn't born figs in 2 years...still waiting. Since I'm an avid fig grower and have over two dozen varieties in both potted and field culture, I'm now skeptical about this figs fruiting and growing genetics.

  • johnhenry1

    I have spent over a year attempting to find an LSU PURPLE FIG TREE THAT PRODUCES PURPLE FIGS. I have received two conadrias by their mistake, one guaranteed that produced a ripe but very green fig. How can I get a tree or preferably a cutting from a known-to-produce lsu figs colored purple? John

    Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

  • Mark Vios

    Lou, I'm into figs and I'd like to find LSU gold cutting s or small tree. Mark

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