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david hoffman garden on Region 11 AHS convention garden tour.....

9 years ago

the photos above show Clearly a Thrill (J.Joiner 2007), Blissful Blackberry Pie (J Salter 2005), and Diana Grenfell (M Morss 2003). ÃÂ Below are a few garden shots with various nice blends of plants.

Above shows photos of Wall of Fire (Emmerich 2010) and Wispy Rays (E Joiner 1998). Below are photos of Blonde on the Inside (H Douglas 2012) ,Tusk (J Trimmer 2008), and Frog's Eye (Stamile 2008).

the last photo below is Mint Octopus (M Stamile 2009). ÃÂ I really like the last two photos with that green! :) click on any photo for larger view....

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