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david hoffman garden on Region 11 AHS convention garden tour.....

8 years ago

the photos above show Clearly a Thrill (J.Joiner 2007), Blissful Blackberry Pie (J Salter 2005), and Diana Grenfell (M Morss 2003). ÃÂ Below are a few garden shots with various nice blends of plants.

Above shows photos of Wall of Fire (Emmerich 2010) and Wispy Rays (E Joiner 1998). Below are photos of Blonde on the Inside (H Douglas 2012) ,Tusk (J Trimmer 2008), and Frog's Eye (Stamile 2008).

the last photo below is Mint Octopus (M Stamile 2009). ÃÂ I really like the last two photos with that green! :) click on any photo for larger view....

Comments (6)

  • shive
    8 years ago

    It looks like this guy's entire backyard is planted with daylilies. My favorites are the Wall of Fire clump and Mint Octopus. Where is this garden? My Blissful Blackberry Pie never looked like his - the sepals were always lighter than the bloom, which was always splotchy. I sold it on the Lily Auction. Woe to those cursed with heavy morning dew like me.


  • maximus7116
    8 years ago

    Mint Octopus is my pick, too. although Wall of Fire and that amazing field of dayllies in the yard are terrific.

  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
    8 years ago

    Humm on Blissful Blackberry Pie. It's on my short list. May have to rethink it. But a very tempting picture nonetheless Dean....Talk about being knee deep in daylilies. The little gathering of potted plants is very nice too. In particular that one small round pot that remains empty in the grouping reminds me that sometimes less is more.....Where is this garden located btw?.........Maryl

  • deangreen
    Original Author
    8 years ago

    well Frog's Eye gets my vote over the other green one. ha! :) I should have mentioned, Region 11 convention was in St. Louis last weekend. so this garden was in St. Louis in an historic neighborhood, pasedena hills or something like that...

  • njmomma
    8 years ago

    Ooh la la!!! What a show! Thanks!

  • mantis__oh
    8 years ago

    A treat! I would hate to have to lug around those big clay pots. Blond on the Inside is appealing. And yes, after seeing many wretched photos of a deformed Blissful Blackberry Pie, it is interesting to see what it is supposed to look like. A great setting for the daylilies--a slight slope. A bit surprised, though, that there was not some inclusion of other plants (for accent or counterpoint) in all that area.

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