North side of house/flowering climber

October 12, 2010

North side of my house has a large area with no windows that would look really lovely with something climbing up and spreading all over it. The area gets a lot of shade though. I have vinyl siding and I don't want the obvious look of a trellis, I would like to create some other way for the vines to climb, I've read about small hooks attached with wire which sounds like a possibility.

I've considered Lady Banks rose, but I think she would eat my house. I have considered climbing hydrangea vines, but I think that it needs more support in the form of a trellis.

I have a long narrow bed (4 ft. wide) that runs along this north side and pops out at the end of the house into a wider semicircle (12 feet). In the narrow portions of the bed are hostas, hucheras, Annabelle and Blushing Bride hydrangeas and then at the end where the bed gets considerably larger (and there is more sun) I have a Korean Spice viburnum and a Vitex/Chasteberry. So, whatever I plant will have to share a home with the hostas/hydrangeas and the blooms needs to be in a softer color to complement the other colors in that bed.

I thought about morning glories, but not sure I want to deal with the prolific reseeding. I wish I could post a photo, I don't know how to do that though.


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