Central Ohio Plant Swap & Potluck - Saturday, May 19, 2012

January 14, 2012

Hello fellow gardeners! It's that time again. My name is Beverly - (aka Storygardener). My good friend and gardening buddy, Mimi, (aka Princess Mimi)and I have again reserved a covered shelter at a park in Hilliard, Oh (northwest suburb of Columbus, Ohio) for a plant swap and pot luck on Saturday, May 19, 2012. It's our eleventh year! Mark your calendar.

Here is the basic information:

Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012

Time: 10:00 am

Place: Shelter A - Aspen (formally called #5), Hilliard Municipal Park, Hilliard, Ohio. Same place as previous spring swaps. The park is on Veterans Memorial Dr.

TRADING MATERIALS: plants potted or presented well, well rooted cuttings potted up, bulbs, shrubs, trees, happy seedlings, garden ornaments, bundled garden magazines, extra gardening implements, bundles of seeds etc.

ALL PLANT MATERIALS SHOULD BE MARKED WITH THE PLANT'S NAME AND CARE (shade, sun, etc) THEY REQUIRE! Also, mark any plants as invasive or poisonous, if known.

POT LUCK: Please bring a dish to pass with serving utensils & your own beverage We will provide plates, plastic silverware, & napkins. It's a good idea to mark your serving spoons etc. with your name. I can tell you gardeners are WONDERFUL cooks!!

DOOR PRIZES: If anyone wants to donate something for a door prize, please feel free. Over the years we have had many really neat prizes!! Lots of fun.

This should be a wonderful chance to share your passion for gardening, meet other avid and learning gardeners, have a delicious meal, acquire some new plants & share your extra's. PLEASE COME WITH A HAPPY AND SHARING HEART. Bring pictures of your gardens, flowers, etc. - if you like!

This is the plan for the day:

10:00 -12:00pm - people arrive, sign-in with your name and number of plants, get a name tag, put plants in viewing/swap area, put dish to pass away, visit with other gardeners & start viewing plants.

Noon - have lunch & award door prizes

1:00pm - swap begins

After swap - more visiting, pack up & goodbyes.

This plant swap is free...but, if anyone wants to donate a dollar that day to help defray the cost of the shelter, paper products, etc. - that would be helpful.

We've been to many swaps we really like this swapping style - a modified ROUND ROBIN.

Round One - pick one plant

Next Round - pick one plant

Next Round - pick two plants

Next Round - pick three plants

And so on, and so on....

This way everyone gets a chance to get a couple of the plants they really have on eye on. This works well and people have been pleased in the past. **Everyone should be able to take home as many plants as they bring - if there are enough plants available that interest them.** Every item is considered equal when swapping.

Everyone who is a gardener is welcome to swap/pick throughout the swapping rounds. Children may swap if they are gardeners or have an interest in gardening. Family members may all swap in each round if they are all gardeners.

Some tips for the day would include bringing a folding chair or blanket for sitting and a box or container labeled with your name to put your new plants in after swapping. If you have room in the car bring an extra table, just in case.

Hilliard Municipal Park can be found by getting into Columbus, then go to the outer belt, I-270 & go west, and getting off at Cemetery Road Exit. Go west (towards Hilliard) on Cemetery Rd. Stay on Cemetery Road about 2 miles where it ends at Main Street. At this point there is a new round-a-bout which joins Cemetery Road with Scioto Darby Road. Go around the round-a-bout and connect with Cemetery Rd. This will quickly become Scioto-Darby Rd.Then go about .4 mile down road until you get to Veterans Memorial Drive which is on the left.

Veterans Memorial Drive/Hilliard Municipal Park is off of Scioto Darby road on the left side of the road - across from Hilliard Heritage Middle School. (NOT hilliard Memorial Middle school - that, you'll see first.) You will see an Urgent Care, also. You stay directly on the park's main road, go .1 mile and turn right (just past all the flag poles). You'll turn right again quickly into a parking lot directly in front of shelter Aspen. The shelter just left of the children's play area.

Please email or post here with RSVP so we can get a an approximate head count. (This helps us know how many plates, cups, etc. to bring) Please email with any questions.

There are folks on Facebook also discussing the swap: Central Ohio Plant Swap.

This should be a FUN, informal day to share our love of gardening! Feel free to bring a gardening friend. Please email with any questions. Hope you can make it to the swap.

Good gardening...Beverly & Mimi


Comments (56)

  • alison

    How have I not seen this before?

    Looking forward to this. I'm finally putting in the new front beds, which will just about double the garden space I have -- and I needs to fill it up.

    Now... what to bring, what to bring....

  • storygardener

    Hi Vlam and Alison.. so glad to see you are attending again!!!

    It's been so mild... I feel like the plant swap should be next month. (It isn't of course)

    See you soon..........Beverly

  • alison

    Hey, do you think there would be any interest in some terrariums? I've collecting vases and brandy snifters and other large glass and planting them this winter, to get me thru the lack of garden, but I know I'll be distracted by all the outdoor work.

    I have tons of hanging basket cuttings I'm starting to pot up to bring -- and who knows what else!

    What are other people thinking of bringing?

  • nuskewl

    I'm ALL IN!! I might even be bringing my Aunt & neighbor.

  • storygardener

    Hi Alison - if you know Barbi, Mouse, Kim or Sarah... from the swap - they have been talking about terrariums.

    nuskewl - So great you can attend again! Of course, your Aunt and neighbor are quite welcome.

    There is also a group of folks on Facebook who are doing some swap talking at The Central Ohio Plant Swap place that Barbi & Mouse set up. :)

    Feel free to join this group.

    See you soon.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook Central Ohio Plant Swap site.

  • DebLaTonzea

    I am new to the group and a friend of Sarah Hill. I am planning to come to the swap.

  • steph98

    Alison- yes, terrariums seem to be all the rage recently. My kids have gotten into them recently. So I think people would be interested. They'd make great door prizes too!
    See you there!

  • storygardener

    Hi Deb... welcome... glad you can attend. See you in May!

    Hi Steph!! - see you soon. :-)

  • katdon7

    I'll be there! Talking to my neice too, may bring her.

  • storygardener

    Hi Katdon! Glad you will be attending! Of course, your niece is welcome, too. See you in May.

    Think Spring....Beverly

  • storygardener

    Hi to friends and swappers!

    Just about five weeks until the swap. What fun it is to see all you folks - and get to know you & your gardens over the past 11 years!

    Mimi and I have decided that this Spring Swap will be the last swap that we host. It has been an absolutely wonderful experience. We have gotten wonderful plants and even better friends. It's been a joy in many ways.

    We are hoping that some folks will keep the tradition going. - in any way that works best for them. Of course, we will be glad to help with a transition - if they wish.
    We wanted to let you all know before May 19 - where we will announce it again to all attending the swap.

    Thanks to all the folks that have participated and been so helpful over the years.

  • frogtalk358

    I'm planning to attend. I'm hoping my neighbor/swap buddy will come with me.

    I was in a thrift store this week when they were setting out some hardcover gardening books that looked almost new -- gardening for wildlife, weekend gardening, plant combinations, etc. I didn't need them but they were too nice to pass up so I'm going to bring them to use as door prizes.

  • steph98

    Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this will be your last year, Mimi and Beverly. You two do a great job with the swap every year. I certainly understand wanting to pass it along to someone else though. All your work is greatly appreciated by me and many others who attend. Thanks for your efforts over the years!
    I'm happy to wrok with some others to help continue the tradition. Let me know if anyone else is interested or come talk to me during the swap.
    See you soon!

  • storygardener

    Frogtalk - glad you will be attending the swap! Those will be nice door prizes too.

    Your very welcome, Steph. It's been a fun 11 years. Kim said she would help other folks who want to do it.

    Kim mentioned it over at the Facebook Swap site.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook Plant Swap Site

  • alison

    You and Mimi have done such a great job, Bev -- time to put up your feet and enjoy the swap in the years to come!
    I think I'll make the pulled pork again this year -- gotta start looking for a big enough butt on sale! (That sure sounded wrong, didn't it?)

    I'm looking for some shady plants; varigated solomon seal, spotted pulmonaria, maybe Virginia bluebells.

    I know I'll have some non-plant items, like the terrariums, and maybe some fairy garden furniture. (Or maybe those can be door prizes.) I know I'm bringing some Royal Standard hosta and yellow iris - not sure what other plants at this point.

    Getting excited!

  • kin2mice

    After much thought and deliberation Kim Sailor and I (Mouse)have decided to host next years Central Ohio Plant swap if there are no objections. We would greatly appreciate any help anyone is willing to give us. Bev, Mimi after this Central Ohio Plant Swap we would like to meet with you inorder to "pass the torch" so to speak.
    If you would like to help or have any suggestions please email me at (gardenweb has trouble getting me my messages)

  • 61Glenmont

    Hi. I'm new to this group and am really looking forward to the swap and potluck -- I've heard great things about it. My husband, John, and I will be there and are pleased that our excess plants will find good homes. Deb

  • alison

    You'll have a great time, Deb; it's always one of the highpoints of my spring. Sometimes I get so caught up in eating and socializing, I don't get a chance to scope out the plants before the trading starts!

    Anybody else having problems with this goofy weather? The heavy rain, followed by near freezing temps (not to mention the wind!) has put the hurt on a lot of the little things I had potted up for the swap. I'm hoping they'll recover with a few weeks of more moderate temps, but -- you can never bet on spring weather!

  • shadowgarden

    Hi guys,
    We will be four this year. We will miss Beverly and Mimi but I'm sure Rebecca and Kim will do a great job. Mouse, email me if you want to come. My water lilies look great! I would like to do a private trade with anyone who has wake robins, red trilliums. Probably will bring glass.

  • MrsGreenThumbs

    I hope Indiana people are welcome? This is my first year gardening, and I've dived head-first into it. My sisters have been gardening for 3 and 5 years respectively, and they are also really interested in coming. :) I would certainly have enough spare plants to share; I went a little crazy! :D

  • storygardener

    Mrs. Greenthumbs.... Yes.. Indiana folks are very welcome to come to the swap. We've had folks attend the swap from several surrounding states. PS...we all go a little crazy with plants. I know just what you mean. Welcome!

    Showdowgarden - thanks for your kind words and thoughts. I am SO GLAD you'll be coming this year. Fun times ahead.

    61glenmont - welcome aboard. It's always fun to trade plants, for sure. Deb - looking forward to meeting you and your husband.

    Alison - thanks so much for your kind thoughts! I have some var. solomon seal. I'll save some for you.

    Kim and Mouse - thanks so much for saying you will continue with the swap as Mimi and I step back. It makes me very happy to know this! See you soon.

    Think spring. Beverly

  • MrsGreenThumbs

    Thanks for the sweet welcome. :)

    Is anyone bringing lamb's ear? My sister has been trying to get some. I'm also looking for blue star creeper; is anyone planning on bringing starters of that?


    So far what we will likely have: hostas (various), ornamental grasses, roses (I had much more success rooting for my rose garden than I'd expected. 100% survival rate!), happy seedlings (I started TOO MANY!) in varrious flowers both annual and perennial, rose of sharron, strawberries of varrious types, and some local flora such as wild violets. Likely more as time progresses.

  • jeanne

    Well, the roses I potted last fall in hopes of having blooming roses for the swap are not cooperating at all - the first flower opened today! Hopefully they won't be completely finished by then.

    If anyone has French Tarragon (I took several trades of it a few years ago, then lost mine), white Trillium or white Hellebores to trade, please contact me. I have tons of stuff listed on my trade page and more, if you let me know what you're looking for.

    Alison, I have plenty of Pulmonaria, I'll pot up some starts for you tomorrow.

    It won't be long now! :)


  • princess_mimi

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry that I've been AWOL here on GardenWeb for a while. Life is just getting crazier and crazier! I can't wait to see you all. I sure missed being there last year. I have no idea what plants I'll be bringing since I'll be doing only what my body and schedule will allow. I can promise to bring something cheesy and yummy for the potluck!

    See you soon!


  • MrsGreenThumbs

    Ran into some bad luck. Frost and unexpected die back have thinned my pickings. I'm trying to save what I can, but it seems that my inexperience is showing. *sighs*

  • alison

    I hear ya, MrsGreenThumbs; I've lost a lot of the plants I potted up originally. I'm dividing gold and blue-white irises and potting up white coneflower and a variety of vine seedlings this weekend. Should be a respectable amount!

  • storygardener

    Mrsgreenthumbs - sorry to hear of the frost getting to your seedlings. Phooey. I've been gardening a very long time and I've learned that you have to kill a few to learn to grow a few.
    Alison - I've got var. solomon seal for you. If you have some extra white cone flower I'd love a start.

    Just a couple weeks... yay

  • nuskewl

    I can't believe I ACTUALLY have plants potted-up!! YaY! Still have plenty more to go.

    Bev & Mimi - I'm helping to set-up. What time should I get to the park?

  • alison

    Bev -- I'd love the var. solomon seal. I know I have dwarf and regular lavender coneflower, but I'm pretty sure I have white as well!

    In fact, I'm bringing mostly lavendar coneflower and blue or gold iris, along with one-off extras from around the garden. Hoping to be there with several friends -- nd hoping to be on time!

  • jh54

    Looking forward to coming, hoping to bring a new gardner along!

  • storygardener

    Hi jh54 - glad you are coming to the swap! See you and your friend soon.

    Alison - I'd love a start of white coneflower or the shortie one. Which ever you can gather a start. Thanks. I"ll have Murray dig up the var. solomon's seal.

    See you all soon....Beverly

  • nuskewl

    I have a TON of Liriope. In it's place, I'm looking for shade-loving blooming plants for a trade (not just all hostas please :> ). Let me know if you're interested.

    It's just like these ones, but not these exact ones:


  • alison

    Just was gifted a ton of snake plants (a "nest of snake plants"?) and some large no-name hosta to bring along. I've also bought the Boston butt -- pulled pork is a go for Saturday!

    Re-reading that last line... sounds a little risque, doesn't it? ;)

    I'm setting aside some coneflowers for you, Bev.

    This is a long shot, but does anyone have Sedum cauticola 'Lidakense'? It's a low growing, blue-grey sedum that I bought several years ago at Baker's Acres. Beautiful, but doesn't seem to increase very fast. I'd love to get some more for the new beds at home.

  • jeanne

    Alison, were you still looking for Pulmonaria? I've got Mrs. Moon and a couple of Virginia bluebells potted up if you want them, LMK.

    I've killed Lidakense twice, in prime locations. That is one persnickity Sedum.

  • alison

    I'd love them, Jeanne! Hope I have something you'd like; it looks like I'm bringing:
    Loads of Snake plants
    Varigated tradescantia
    3 terrariums
    3 little succulent desk gardens
    Loads of No-name green hosta
    Frances Williams hosta
    Royal Standard hosta
    Jupiter's Beard
    Double Sun coreopsis
    Autumn Joy sedum
    Victoria Blue salvia
    and a bunch of blue glass bottles

    That's good to know about the Lidakense, Jeanne; that it's not just me. Mine seems to be doing well where it is, on the rock edge of south facing sloped bed with tons of light and not much sun. But it's not increasing the way I'd like.

    I see another trip to baker's Acres in my future....

  • alison

    D'oh! "...tons of light and not much water..."

  • jeanne

    Alison, would you set aside a Francis Williams for me? I'm pretty sure the one I have labeled FW is really Francee, if yours is different than mine I'd love to add it to the garden. If it's the same, I'll just pick something else. You always bring the most interesting seedlings. The bluebells are going dormant now so there won't be much to see by the swap. They're in there, though!

    Not much longer! :)

  • alison

    Will do, Jeanne! My mother's FW is doing so well she had me dig some up and spread them around the front of the house, so I kept a few for me.

    The pork shoulder is cooked and cooling in the fridge; I'll shred it and add the BBQ sauce tonight and will be good to go Saturday.

    I'm going over in the morning to clear out a bed of hosta from a friends house. Since I'm out of pots (and I'm digging them up at the last minute) would it be okay to just bring them in plastic grocery sacks?

    I may have to find a friend with a bigger car to caravan to the swap with!

  • steph98

    Anyone interested in a last minute private trade of tomatoes? I have Chadwick Cherry. I'm interested in other cherries, grapes and Roma, but also some bigger sizes too. Let me know.
    Can't wait til tomorrow!

  • alison

    Whew! Just dug up 8 kitchen garbage bags of hosta - if I had a week I couldn't take all I was offered!

    Putting on labels and packing things up tonight -- eagerly awaiting tomorrow!

  • Sessa

    I just found this site & am very excited to find a swap near me. Since I dont have any plants ready, I would like to come, chat, and see what it's all about. I plan to have plants ready for fall, though!

  • storygardener

    Sessa.... do come, for sure. I will 'bequeath' you five of my trades. I am sure I won't be taking home as many as I bring. It's so much fun. It's OK... I've done this in other years.Come and have fun.


  • storygardener

    Hi folks... If you have an wagon and can fit it in your vehicle.... it's been helpful for people, in the past, to bring their plants from the car to the different areas. Thanks. :-)

  • storygardener

    What a great day for the Plant Swap. Thanks to everyone that attended today who helped make it a wonderful day. Great plants, folks, food, and friends. So fun to meet new folks who attended this year for the first time. A special thanks to folks that were so helpful. It's been terrific to be part of this event the past eleven years. I appreiciate all of you. I love to look at my gardens and see plant swap plants growing away, some for many years. I know I have some some terrific friends via this event, too.

    A special thanks to Mimi - my wonderful back door gardening friend.

    I know the Plant Swap will carry on! Thanks to Mouse and Kim (and friends) for stepping forward to host the swap in the future.

    My biggest thanks goes to my very, very special Murray.

    Good gardening!

  • shadowgarden

    We had a great time!! Thanks for everything. Nice to see everybody. And the food was great as always. Today I start planting.

  • steph98

    Thanks Beverly and Mimi. Another successful swap. It was a great day. My daughter and I had a very nice time. Thanks again for hosting! Now to get all those plants in the ground!

  • alison

    What a wonderful swap! The weather was perfect, the plants and the food were great, and the people were stupendous. I got some wonderful plants, but even better, spent a lovely afternoon chatting with friends. (Can you believe I actually got there early? It happens -- once a decade or so....)

    And for all the perennials that weren't quite big enough to divide this spring -- there's always the Fall Swap to look forward to!

    Here is a link that might be useful: Central Ohio Fall 2012 Fall Swap

  • vabyvlue

    Hi There,

    When is the 2013 going to take place? :)

  • kin2mice

    May 18th at the same place there is a Post called Central Ohio Plant Swap 2013 date announcement.

  • grannyfifty7

    Hi everybody,
    Been along time since I've been able to talk at anyone, I came up last year for the swap and and didn't have directions and was going off my memory. Not good. :). I m hoping to Be able to cone this year. My computer got fried. And , without a good memory I got lost. I was soooooclose n yet so far! I had my car loaded down and a nice door prize an ao body that I asked in Hilliard knew what I was talking about. My poor hubby,l had him driving all over the place, gotta go, I'm using my daughters Ipad u won't be able to contact me until I get my own computer.

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