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Buddha's Hand

October 26, 2007

Hello: Does anyone know of a source ... not online ... for purchasing a Buddha's Hand (citrus medica)? I am in the LA/Orange areas. Willing to drive a distance to find plant. Hope someone can help. TIA

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  • longriver

    In northern California, I found it in Orchard store. It is impossible that you can not find it in LA area. You should call San Gabriel Nursery or other large nursery carrying citrus plants. I also have a small rooted cutting from Jinhua City, China. I heard that this cultivar is more fragrant. Thin sliced fruit is used in tea for refreshing flavor.

  • gee8ch

    Hi longriver. Afraid it's not impossible ... lol I also thought it would be easy to track one of these down, but so far to no avail. I am not crazy about driving into LA to search. I am more in the Pasadena area and prefer to drive out to Orange to look. (may be farther, but the driving is easier!) I will try the SG nursery as you suggest. Thanks for your help.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Four winds growers sells thier trees in various Cali nurserie-you could give them a call and see which nurseries carry thier trees. I know they have BH.

    Here is a link that might be useful: where to find four winds trees in Cali

  • karyn1

    I bought a beautiful 2 to 3 yr old Buddha's Hand from Four Winds a few years ago. They have very healthy trees and excellent customer service.

  • karyn1

    I wanted to add to ask about different varieties because even though my tree blooms much of the year the flowers have absolutely no scent : ( It's still a pretty tree but I was pretty bummed. I grow a variety of citrus, more for the scent of the flowers then the fruit.

  • edward3491

    I bought my Buddha hand citrus plant online from a California Bay area nursery several years ago. It has grown to a beautiful citrus tree, but with no citrus! What am I doing wrong?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Edward

  • phoebe368

    It may have been a grafted variety where the rootstock has over taken the Buddha hand. This happened to me once I bought a kaffir lime, grew into a citrus tree that turned out to be the rootstock it was grafted on to. It did bear a couple of nasty citrus fruit after many years. I just tossed the tree out. The other scenario is that you are not taking care of it properly. Citrus trees love sun and need regular applications of high nitrogen citrus fertilizer to bloom and fruit. Please post pics.

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