Thrips on my soybean leaves?

May 4, 2011

I swear the bugs know it's May and just love to come out this month. I'm not sure if these are thrips. Can anyone tell by this photo (see link)? There's damage on the undersides of my soybean leaves. How much of a problem is this? I'm trying to go as organic as possible. If I do need to get rid of them, what techniques have you had the most success with here in Florida?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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  • gardencraze

    Digital, I'm not sure what it is but I'll share what I use that has been great on allot of those little pest.

    I mix 1cup of mouthwash (mint is Good)
    1 cup alcohol
    1 tea spoon dish soap
    1 litter of water
    Mix well and spray with a sray bottle making sure you get under the leaves
    Works real good for me on all those tiny varmits you can't hardly see.

    I also use 1 head of garlic
    2 halapinos
    1 large onion
    1/2 gal water
    Blend in the blender and let it sit over night, put thru cheese cloth and pray, this is especialy good for any kind of worms.
    Word of caution...Your yard will smell very edible but it works
    Let me know if this works for ya :o)

  • digitalawakening

    Hi gardencraze, thanks for the suggestions! I tried the mouthwash based spray and it worked well, especially on a mess of aphids that the ants were harvesting underneath my squash leaves. Sprayed once to control that population, now the ladybugs are moving in to do the job, which I'm super excited about!

  • gatormomx2

    Insecticidal soap works on all soft bodied insects- especially aphids
    and does not harm Lady beetles or you.
    If the bottle does not say " Use on plants" then DON'T!
    If the homemade concoction were so great,
    you can be sure some big company would have snatched up the idea and marketed it.
    You can harm your plants, kill beneficials, ruin the environment and harm your health.
    Stick to products made specifically for plants and save the mouthwash for your mouth.

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