Plant swaps in Michigan

February 10, 2006

I posted this on the get togethers forum but no replies, so guess that was wrong forum. Are there any plant swaps planned for lower Michigan this year? I am new here, joined GW in Sept 05 and living here just over 4 yrs. Looking forward to meeting other keen gardeners. Any dates set yet?? Barb.

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  • hagey

    Hi! Barb, they do post Plant Exchanges on the Get Together Forum. There is one for the Columbus, Ohio May 20th exchange. We usually go to that one and it is a big one.
    In the Lansing area there is one in the spring and one in the fall at Harris Nature Center, Okemos, MI. There is one in spring and one in fall at the Middle School in Williamston, MI. I do not know when they are scheduled but I will let you know if you would like to go. I seem to be on there mailing list. They do have some nice plants at both places.

  • mawkhawk

    Barb, there is usually a plant swap with an org called DATE (Detroit Area Tomato Enthusiasts) in Royal Oak in May. Altho is mainly heirloom tomatoes, usually other vegatables are available. Contact GW member Bully or ask about it on the Tomatoes forum.

  • barbuk

    Thank you both for replying. Columbus would be too far for me, but Okemos and Williamston I could make. Please keep me informed. Mawkhawk, I'm still working on filling and making more mixed beds, not into vegetables yet, but like to think I keep an open mind, so perhaps in the future, Thank you. Barb

  • ggschmerl


    There is always a spring and fall plant swap in the Grand Rapids vicinity each year. I've been going the past couple of years.
    Although I haven't heard the date of the sping swap for 2006, I'm sure I could find out if you'd be interested.

    Drop me a line.


  • sspye

    Hi Barb,
    The News-Herald newspaper for the Downriver area holds one in mid-May.


  • rustyacres

    There will be one at the Fred C. Fisher Library (I think on May 6th, I am checking on exact date.)

    You can check this page out in the near future, as they usually post info on the Friends of Library page.

    Where are you located? If you want to do a private trade and are close enough to Belleville, Let me know. Cristy

    Here is a link that might be useful: Cristy's Rusty Acres

  • sandylovesflowers

    Cristy - Just peeked into your website. I have one of the sedums that you had a ? on. Under sedum 2, the second sedum from the bottom..... that is SEDUM 'ACRE' I believe. I have it, too, and it seems to grow like mad. If you happen to drop just one tiny piece, you will eventually have an entire plant! The kids get a kick out of it, and love giving a plant away to friends.

    Your little one is adorable!


  • hagey

    Barbuk and anyone else interested in the Plant Exchange at Harris Nature Center in Okemos.
    The Plant Exchange will be held:
    May 6th 9:30 - They start right on time.
    3998 Van Atta Road
    Okemos, MI
    Van Atta Road runs south off Grand River or Route 43
    For more details: 517-349-3866

    Hope to see you there.

  • hagey

    Barbuk and anyone else interested in the Plant Exchange at Williamston Middle School.
    The Plant Exchange will be held:
    May 6th 10:00 ( we go to Harris Nature Center and go over to the Williamston Middle School after we get what we want there.
    Williamston Middle School
    Williamston, MI

    Also Christians Greenhouse and Nursery
    East of Williamston on Route 43
    Will be having their Open House

    Hope to see you there.

  • bhscarlett

    hello why dont we all swap with each other,, i would like to trade up to ten swaps and i will give you at least that many in return plus some white bonus sticky labels,, any one interested email me with your addy we can trade,, its fun,, i have been having lots of fun swapping,, im a fair and fast trader ,, i ship in bubble wrap, correct postage is always a must with me,, and i have mine all hand stamped if interested email with your interests,,:)Beth

  • lisa_z5wmi

    I am wondering how the plants should be potted; how large, how old; etc - I'd hate to bring something not really up to snuff to one of these exchange things- and might have to start now. Any advice? The Okemos one is the most likely for me to attend. Thanks!

  • thepodpiper

    Wanted to bump this to see if these are still going on or if there are some newer ones.

    Dale from downriver

  • Denise D

    I have a group that is in Oakland County that has a fall and a spring swap.

  • baskett174

    Is there a date for the Fall swap?

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