Non-Toxic plants for pet gardens

13 years ago

I think I'm in the right forum. Midwest sounded familiar, but Wisconsin is in that "Great Lakes" area, so I'll plant a foot here. :-)

Last autumn I put up a Purr-Fect fence for my cat Buddy, in honor of our beloved Priscilla whom we lost last year. Within this cat-proof fence is my 16x16 deck, and about 1100 square feet of what is now a mess of grass, wood chips, and mud - with some branches and logs interspersed so Buddy has something to do out there besides sit on the deck rail.

I wish one of these seed companies would come out with a non-toxic catalog of stuff for our area, because I've googled "toxic plants cats" or "pets" many times and I get mixed results. Sometimes I find the same flower on both lists, today I can't find one listing of the maiden grass or fountain grass I just saw at Menards.

There is lots to do this spring to make this little garden come alive, I'm excited, I have lots of stepping stones, bricks, and logs. But so far the plants have been frustrating. A magnolia bush is safe.

so far I have hostas, catnip, peppermint, and astilbe to transplant in there. Bulbs are out, except muscari.

one of the many lists is linked below.

Does anyone have some ideas for me? I don't want to have to mow, so a type of grass or groundcover that stays low would be ideal. Most of the herb-garden plants are ok. Zinnias, Snapdragons and Marigolds. I'd rather have perennials or at least something that re-seeds.

These lists just cover so many plants I've never heard of, probably because they don't grow here, and some of them are house plants. I know strawberry plants are safe, so I am going to have plenty of strawberry pots and beds! :)

Any input would really be appreciated. This project is taking priority over my veggie garden this year.


Here is a link that might be useful: here is ASPCA's list of non-toxic plants:

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