cascading petunias question

16 years ago

I am a lover of the climbing/creeping petunias. Since I've discovered them, about 5 years ago, every year I plant them in the long rectangular pots 9x28 and let the plants cascade down my porch wall. I potted them about one month ago (late May), and now they are starting to cascade nicely down. I water them diligently/daily and add 20-20-20 (powder and watermixed) fertilizer once a week. My problem...every year is that they do really well until about the first week in August and then they start to dry out and I must put the pots away until next year. This year I'm determined to find out what I have been doing wrong and have them live well and continue flowering nicely well into September. I've been reading about deadheading regular these cascading ones have to be deadheaded also? Should I be fertilizing with something else?....or does this variety not live as long as others?

Thanks so much for your help!

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