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cascading petunias question

June 18, 2005

I am a lover of the climbing/creeping petunias. Since I've discovered them, about 5 years ago, every year I plant them in the long rectangular pots 9x28 and let the plants cascade down my porch wall. I potted them about one month ago (late May), and now they are starting to cascade nicely down. I water them diligently/daily and add 20-20-20 (powder and watermixed) fertilizer once a week. My problem...every year is that they do really well until about the first week in August and then they start to dry out and I must put the pots away until next year. This year I'm determined to find out what I have been doing wrong and have them live well and continue flowering nicely well into September. I've been reading about deadheading regular petunias....do these cascading ones have to be deadheaded also? Should I be fertilizing with something else?....or does this variety not live as long as others?

Thanks so much for your help!

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  • Kat SE Wisconsin z5

    Some people do trim back the petunias that trail and the regular ones too. They'll start putting out new growth and get fuller. Try trimming 'here and there' in early to mid July and see if that helps about a week apart. If you trim just a few stems at a time, there won't be a big difference in how they look. I do buy Wave petunias, but I put them in the ground. I don't do anything with them, but in a pot they may need a trim.
    Hope this helps. Good luck!


  • wizardnm

    Hi! I usually just lurk but thought I'd chime in here. I've been using wave petunias for at least 5 yrs also. I've never had a problem with them. I water everyday and fertilize once a week too. I use Peter's all purpose and the Peter's Bloom Booster occasionally. I'm wondering if yours might be getting too cramped? I use three in a 24 in a long planter. I am located up north where it might be a little cooler on avg.

    Just one other thing about the Wave Petunias....Last year I just happened to buy the Wave called "Easy Wave". They were still full of bloosoms in November, when I finally took the planters down to prepare for winter. I realize I was just lucky as we had frost around, that just happened to miss me, but I was pretty amazed and made sure to buy the Easy Wave series again this year. I buy my plants where they are actually grown and even spoke to the owner about them this year. She said the seed was hard to get. They had about 90% wave and only 10% Easy Wave. I also have some of the double wave this year. We'll see how they do. Looking great at this point.


  • dllfb

    Maybe they are too cramped. I have 6 plants in mine.
    Where do you get the Peter's Bloom Booster? I have never seen it.

  • wizardnm

    I probably picked it up at Lowe's, they carry a pretty good selection of Peter's products.

    The way the Wave petunias grow I think that 6 plants might be the problem. No room for root growth so they get so root bound that the water just runs off.


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