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Herb Garden Zone 5 Suggestions

16 years ago

Hi All:

I have decided to put an herb garden in front of my bay window. It's south facing and receives hot sun from morning until mid afternoon when it gets a light dappled shade. The bed is bordered by the 14 feet under the bay, 12 feet next to the drive and then a soft curve of the front walkway makes a triangele.

Planned features in the bed include a birdhouse, 3 tea cups bird feeders grouped together in 3 different heights, and a water feature of some sort. I will need some stepping stones to get to the middle of the bed as well.

I would love suggestions of plant groupings and also heads up on invasives for zone 5. I plan to put a couple of things such as mints in pots on my stoop as i understand they can be invasive. I love lavender and that's about all I know about herbs. Not every plant has to be an herb either.

Thanks for your help.

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