Grinding Nuts in a Country Living Grain Mill

12 years ago

I have a Country Living Grain Mill. I tried grinding almonds in it the other night. I was making marzipan for my wife and thought I would give it a try. I blanched the almonds and then tried a sample in the grinder.

No luck. They would not feed into to mill very well so I put in the corn and bean auger and tried it.

No luck. They almonds just did not work well with their size. So I chopped them a bit to reduce the size and tried it again.

No luck. Oil content too high. Just kind of gummed up the grinding plates. Note-I am using the normal grinding plates for this. Lets try freezing the nuts and see if they grind better.

No luck. Lets send them through with some of the sugar. That will dry it out. Well, yes, but not well enough.

Nope. Time now for the Cuisinart.

Marzipan turned out great, and it was a fun experiment with my CLGM.

What nuts grind best, if any.

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