Are all marigolds edible?

15 years ago

Okay, I have 2 questions about marigolds:

1. Are all marigolds edible?

2. Is there a site that shows the different varieties, so I can tell which I have?

Now, I've reviewed many sites, and I'm as confused as when I started! LOL.

There were sites that said that pot marigolds and calendula were edible. Then, another site said, "The edible varieties are not related to the plant called pot marigold or calendula."

There were sites that said all marigolds were edible, but only some were good for cullinary usage. Those sited as good were: tagetes signata/pumila/tenufolia.

Alas, I read about the history of marigolds, and found that there are three central varieties: French, African and triploid marigolds.

Help, please? :)

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