Ikea discontinued my kitchen cabinets and am only half done ...

9 years ago
Hi ... Half of my small galley kitchen is done in Ikea Akurum Adel birch. I only did half because of finances. When I went to complete it, Ikea had changed the Adel birch from a maple color to a white-washed oak color that was quite pink-ish and clashed with the yellow undertones of the original birch cabinet doors and drawer fronts of my kitchen.

Well, now I need to sell my little townhouse and I only have a bit under half of a finished kitchen.

So here I am. I thought about going eclectic -- as in non-matching -- but I'm worried it would look odd to potential buyers. Or it would scream -- "LOOK -- SHE'S TRYING TO FIX HER MISTAKES." Would it??

The side that needs finishing includes the sink/dishwasher, drawers and wall cabinets. I also am going to need a new birch effect cabinet for the wall oven. Ikea has that but then there's the same problem of the doors and drawer fronts.

I would like the second half of the kitchen -- about 9 feet long -- to blend with the first half without breaking my finances. If anyone has any suggestions and solutions, I would greatly appreciate it.



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