Can I use honey in canning recipes

July 20, 2006

My in laws let some people put hives on their pasture land and they get a large supply of honey in return each year. Today while at their house picking chokecherries:) I mentioned canning. My mil said that they had plenty of honey, some that had sugared that they weren't using. I took home 4 half gallon containers and 3 quart containers full of honey. I know that putting it in warm water will make the honey liquid again but I was wondering if I could use the honey instead of sugar in canning jam, jellies or preserves. I also plan on making applesauce later in the fall and hope that I can use the honey. I do have a 1 yr old and 3 yr old and know that I can't use honey for things that anyone under the age of one might eat. Any help would be appreciated with the cost of sugar, all the free honey would make my canning cheaper this year:)


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