Persimmon Harvest time

I have 4 persimmon trees. Two are very young and 2 are about 8-9 years old. The first tree to ripen its fruit first is the tanenashi (astringent). Then the motsomoto (non-astringent) tree produces fruit. I like that because it stretches out the season.

I took some pics on 6-14-09.

This is the motsomoto:

Here is the tanenashi:

If you look closely at the tree pic, there is a cluster of fruit near the ground. Here is a close up:

Here is the same exact spot, pic taken last week, 8-9-09:

Here is another cluster of fruit higher up in the tree:

I have eaten a few fruits already but the peak ripening of the tanenashi variety has yet to come. The motsomotos are very close to ripening too.

Anyone else with persimmon trees to show?

Anyone have any great persimmon recipes? (I know I can count on you Silvia.)


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